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Does 0.5 Derma Roller Hurt?

Have you ever wondered whether does the 0.5 derma roller hurt your skin? Typically it should not hurt much – of course you will feel it, otherwise it is not something very painful. When dermarolling hurts, then you might be using too big needles or your dermaroller is damaged. This occurs when you have dropped […]

Dermaroller Serum – Should You Use It Before Or After Treatment?

Dermaroller serum is a topic that is not covered enough, during microneedling activities. Some of the bloggers and article writers never cover the serums and their positive consequences. I find it very difficult to discuss any topics without the full information. Further in the article I will try to find solution for the question mentioned […]

What Is Best Dermaroller Size For Hair Growth?

Have you ever wondered if there is a chance you can enchance your hair growth? Thankfully there is a solution – dermaroller for hair. A roller can be useful because when you have problems with your hair growth and bald spots it will make them grow again. While being a relatively new product, most importantly […]