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What Size Derma roller Should I Use?

By now, you all have been quite familiar with the term ‘’microneedling’’ and a device called a ‘’dermaroller’’ because of how famous it has been in the electronic media. Some people praised the wonders of dermaroller while others posted pictures of their faces bathed in blood. I know that the idea of thousands of needles […]

Can I Use Hyaluronic acid Serum After Dermaroller?

The dermaroller is a beauty trend that is here to stay. With fans like Kim Kardashian and Angelina Jolie-we all know how popular dermarolling is. While dermarolling alone is an excellent way to beautify your skin. But to ensure the best results, you can combine it with an amazing skincare routine. In this way it […]

Are Derma rollers Effective?

Derma roller is a tool that consists of using a mini wheel covered with needles tiny needles to gently prick the face. Honestly, they kind of look like small torture devices. But, it works like wonders for minimizing the effects of acne scars, reducing fine lines, and evening out skin tone. By creating micro pathways […]

Does Microneedling Actually Work?

Are you feeling a tiny bit apprehensive about “wounding” your face with hundreds of pinpricks? It might seem like the beauty version of waterboarding, but microneedling can prove to be the best thing that ever happened to your face. The internet is flooded with compelling before-and-after photos (and some horror stories). So, what exactly is […]

What Can I Put On My Face After Microneedling?

After microneedling, your face might look like a tomato and feels like it is freshly sunburned.  Thankfully, the feeling is short-lived and disappears in a day or two. But still, you need to baby your skin with some amazing aftercare products. Microneedling to improve your skin is a great idea. It has gone macro in […]

Can You Wear Makeup After Microneedling?

Although the temptation is great, putting on makeup too soon after surgery can cause an infection or slow the healing process. We get it. You are a woman and you want to get back to your makeup and skincare routine after doing microneedling on your face. Although the temptation is great, putting on makeup too […]

Can Microneedling Make Pores Bigger?

You might have caught the wind of microneedling craze on social medial. Promising to treat issues like acne scars, stretch marks, enlarged pores. We all want to have flawless skin. That is the main reason why beauty industries exist and we invest in their products. But for some reason, many of us are unable to […]

Can We Apply Oil After Dermarolling?

We all know the wonders of dermarolling and the miracles it does to our skins. But to get most out of your dermarolling session with your dermaroller, it is vital to use the right skincare. Your skin after dermarolling acts like a sponge that absorbs anything put on it. So why not allow your skin […]

What Is The Best Serum To Use With Dermaroller?

Whether at-home or in-clinic, microneedling has gone famous in beautyland. But with this recent lockdown situation, we all have seen beauty gurus doing microneedling at home. So what exactly is microneedling? Microneedling or dermarolling, you name it, it is basically as important for skincare as coffee is for a weekday-You can survive without it, but with it […]

How Often Can I Microneedle?

You probably know by now that the popular dermaroller is a tool that is much loved for its anti-aging effect by many people. Want glowing skin at home-you must try out microneedling. It is a popular rejuvenation treatment for the skin, known to help reduce signs of aging, hyperpigmentation, and pesky acne scars-microneedling will be your […]

Does Dermaroller Increase Hair Growth?

A harsh reality but it is found that about 30 percent of women under 40 will experience hair loss. Nowadays, even young people are also experiencing hair loss. It can be really depressing for people. How to increase hair growth with dermaroller? Let’s find out. As we are in the era of social media and […]

Does Microneedling Help With Sagging Neck?

Last year was all about plumped lips and youthful cheekbones. It’s a difference this year because it’s shifting the focus south of our faces. Nowadays, all the cosmetic industries seem to focus on achieving a beautiful neck-A neck without the age sag and lines. It’s all for a good reason that is our neck shows […]