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Increase Collagen For Face With The Help of Derma Roller

Collagen is one of the most popular proteins in our body and it fulfills many important roles for us. Above all, it forms the structure of the skin. In addition it helps our blood to clot. There is countless of different collagen containing supplements, creams and other products on the market, but the most effective way is to make our body to produce more collagen for face by itself is dermarolling.


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How Dermarolling Creates More Collagen For Face?

Dermarolling is a procedure where you use a small roller that has microneedles on the rolling part. You roll that small roller over the skin of your face to create small micro punctures. It will not wound your skin, but it makes your body think like it did. Small superficial bleeding is completely natural and even needed during this procedure.

Why is that?

In other words collagen forms the structure of the skin and helps the blood clot properly. So when there are small bleedings or micro wounds in your skin, your body naturally starts producing more collagen for that part of your body. For instance, in the skin of your face.

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Therefore, over time that newly formed collagen will make your face skin more elastic and smooth, reducing beauty lines and scarring on the skin. Instead of using all kinds of different anti-aging and moisturizing creams on your skin you can use dermarolling along with boosting serums and have even better results than with facial creams. The best part, this is all natural, your body has produced collagen itself not taken in superficially.

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More About Collagen

Collagen represents 30% of body’s total proteins. We have different types of collagen in our body. It does not only play important part in the formation of our skin, but also in our bones, muscles and tendons. You can find collagen as well in our blood vessels, cornea of the eye and teeth. So we have collagen literally everywhere in our body.

Right collagen levels in our skin ensures ongoing rejuvenation of our skin cells so the skin will look fresh, healthy, elastic. That is also why all those beauty lines and wrinkles reduce on the face when skin reproduces more collagen and more fresh skin cells. When we get older, our body produces less and less good quality collagen, which is why those beauty lines and wrinkles appear in our face first place.

Dermarolling is a good, safe and natural way to boost our body’s collagen reproduction system to make our skin look fresh and overall we will have younger look naturally. Needless to say dermarolling is a procedure that should be performed once a month or at least once in two months’ time, because the final results of dermarolling will appear later on, not instantly. If you derma roll your face regularly, it will ensure that reproduction of collagen is maximized in your skin for longer and therefore you will start to see better results in a few months’ time. Check out our blog for more detailed posts about dermarolling.

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