Best Derma Roller Results Tips

If you are fond of using our trusty Dr Roller derma roller tool,  then you know that it can be a powerful addition to your current line-up of go-to dermatological products. Dr Roller is specifically designed to work on any skin color or condition, and to bring about quality visible results that will truly satisfy, perhaps even exceed the customer’s highest expectations.

Top 5 tips to care for your skin after micro-needling

Dr Roller works by penetrating your skin’s dermis and encouraging tissue formation, collagen production, and higher blood supply from within. Despite the seemingly invasive nature of the needles, it’s actually a very safe and very constructive process that will help, not harm, your skin.

However, your skin becomes extra sensitive after a micro-needling treatment. The prickling will of course leave very small marks on your skin, although they are generally not big enough to be visible. What you will immediately notice after the treatment is the redness that will spread evenly across the treated areas. You will feel and look as if you had just had mild sunburn due to the redness and occasional tingling sensation that will pervade the treated areas. Both are common and safe reactions to the Dr Roller. In fact, it also signals that the skin rejuvenation process is beginning to fire up beneath the surface.

Here are our best derma roller results tips to help you get the most out of your Dr Roller treatments

take care of your skin after derma roller treatment

  • Cleanse with only mild facial wash/soap and tepid water. Keep your skin clean and free from dirt by using a soothing facial wash. To dry the treated areas, use a microfiber wash cloth and pat gently. Do not rub the treated areas as it may cause irritation.
  • Keep your skin hydrated. It is recommended to use a quality moisturizer after the treatment to lock in the moisture in your skin and restore its balance. You don’t want to dry out your skin, especially when it is beginning to recover from the micro-needling. Of course, don’t forget to drink lots of water and other healthy liquids, too.
  • Use sunblock if you absolutely have to go out into the sun. It is recommended to stay away from direct sun exposure for a few days after your Dr Roller treatment, to allow your skin time to heal completely before subjecting to the sun’s harsh UV rays. However, if you must really get out, be sure to slap on your favourite broad spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30.
  • Minimize makeup use. You can use makeup the very next day after your treatment, especially if you are concerned about the redness being too unpleasant in daylight. Stay away from skin care products that contain alpha hydroxyl acids, retinol, Vitamin C or anything else that is commonly known as “active” skin care for a few days after the derma roller treatment. These may irritate sensitive skin right after needling.
  • Help your skin heal properly. Copper-based products can be a good addition to your post-treatment skin care regimen because it will help heal the skin and keep dirt out at the same time. Sterile skin heals faster, so you want to ensure that your skin stays clean and germ-free while it is at its most sensitive.

Final thoughts on post-treatment care

Your Dr Roller will keep on delivering great results the more you use it. Nonetheless, you must remember to space out your treatments every 4-6 weeks to give your skin ample time to heal in between the treatments. Your skin will definitely thank you for investing in a simple yet effective skin care implement that will certainly improve its health in the long run. Dr Roller will certainly complement your current skin care regimen and bring your skin back to perfection.

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