Derma Stamp vs Derma Roller

Derma Stamp vs Derma Roller

Derma Stamp vs Derma Roller Skin Needling Tools Compared (From left 1. Body Derma Roller 2. Derma Roller 3. Derma Roller 3-line 4. Derma Stamp)

Keeping your skin looking beautiful, vibrant, young, and fresh is hard work. There are so many factors working against your skin: unhealthy food choices, stress, pollution, allergies, dust, wrong dermatological products, and bad makeup; so much so that it would seem impossible to win the fight.

However, there are some really great products and tools out there that you can put to good use in your unending vigil against uneven skin tone, age spots, wrinkles, acne marks, and fine lines.

For ladies who are familiar with micro needling procedures, they now have two options to choose from when scheduling their very own procedure at home. The derma roller is just as good as the derma stamp, so whichever tool you use, you will certainly see noticeable and long-lasting effects on your skin.

But which one is best for you?

A few friendly reminders

Careful and thorough research of your preferred product or tool’s efficacy is important because you cannot afford to take huge risks on your skin. You might be gambling away your skin’s health if you choose the wrong product or tool. Consider a few basic things first:

  • Can you use it on your own, or do you require professional help or special equipment to accomplish the results you want?
  • How easy or how difficult is the procedure, if you decide to do it on your own? Is the tool or product safe to use?
  • Can you afford to undergo the procedure or use the product regularly in the long run?
  • What pre- and post-treatment preparations should you conduct?
  • Will you truly have the results that are promised to you on the product or tool’s packaging?

Not all products can work wonders on your skin, contrary to whatever advertisement or testimonial you may come across. So, the smart thing to do is to dig deep and to find as much information as you can from people who have actually used the product.

Which micro needling tool is for you?

When comparing derma stamp vs derma roller, both the derma roller and the derma stamp work by puncturing the skin through small yet effective needles. The pinprick sensation that comes with each micro needling treatment is the first step to restoring your skin’s optimal condition. The little puncture holes go right into your dermis, where collagen production begins. Each prick will encourage the collagen and blood supply to the upper surfaces of your skin, making it fresher and more beautiful than before.

The results that you can get from either micro needling procedure will also be more or less consistent. The skin tissue is not severely harmed or destroyed by the needles so you will not have to wait a few weeks before you can see results.

What difference, if any, will you encounter as you choose between derma stamp vs derma roller?

DermastampThe shape and design of one tool varies from that of the other. The derma roller has a barrel head full of small needles that glide over your face as it creates the pinpricks. On the other hand, the derma stamp has a flat head on which the needles rest, and instead of rolling the tool across the area to be treated, you simply stamp it.

There are different needle lengths available for both tools, so choose the best one that will address your specific skin care concern and the area you plan to treat. Small needles are recommended for facial micro needling because the skin is so much thinner on the face than on your neck or back.

Both devices require a little bit of pressure to work. The treated area will most probably look red and splotchy after the treatment, and you might even draw some blood. That is perfectly normal. It means that the natural skin rejuvenation process is beginning, and the miracles of your own body healing itself rapidly are already underway.

While a derma roller provides good grip and efficient coverage, the derma stamp can be more productive when working with particular areas repeatedly, such as the forehead or the backs of your shoulders. For weekly or even daily skin maintenance, the derma roller is more preferred because it covers a bigger area in a shorter amount of time.

Some users report that the derma stamp is much less painful than the derma roller, but your experience will definitely be affected by the needle length that you use as well as the amount of pressure you apply on the tool as it goes into contact with your skin.

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