Dermarolling for anti-cellulite treatment – Is this a new way to get your bikini body without work-out?

If you want to flaunt your bikini beach body but you are conscious of your excess cellulite, Dermarolling therapy is a cheap way to get what you want without having to go for a work out. Dermarolling treatment is now being used as a promising treatment to remove those stretch marks, scars and other disfiguring marks in your body.  It is also being used as an addition to the treatment armamentarium for removing cellulite. Dermarolling or Microneedling treatment is used to remove:

So what is cellulite?

Before discussing how effective derma roller is in treating cellulite, let us define first what is cellulite, what are its causes and is it preventable?

Cellulite is a skin condition wherein the skin appears to have an underlying fat deposit. It may cause dimpling and lumpy appearance of the skin making it so embarrassing to wear a bikini.  You can notice it easily on your thighs and buttocks. Cellulite usually appear during puberty.

This event is common among women, in fact according to dermatologist, 90% of women are affected with cellulite in some point in their lives. Although cellulite affects both men and women, it is said that women are more affected because of a particular type of connective tissue and fats in this population.

Why Cellulite appear?

There are many possible reasons why you have cellulite. It could be because of:

  • Diet
  • Hormonal Factors
  • Genetics
  • Lifestyle
  • Clothing

Wrong Diet

When you tend to eat lots of fats and carbohydrate rich foods, most likely cellulite will appear.

It is in Your Hormones!

There are a lot of hormones involved in the appearance of cellulite. This includes:

  • Estrogen
  • Prolactin
  • Thyroid hormone
  • Noradrenaline
  • Insulin

It Runs in the Family

Probably, cellulite appear because of some genetic factors that run through your blood. There are certain genes that are associated with slow metabolism, circulatory insufficiency, distribution of fats and other factors.

Something is wrong with your Lifestyle

Some lifestyle factors that can cause cellulite are:

  • Smoking
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Less Exercise
  • Sitting or Standing for a long time

Choice of Clothing

Using tight clothing may limit blood flow that may cause cellulite to appear! This is particularly true for tight elastic cloths.

How Derma Roller Removes Disfiguring Marks and Cellulite in the Body?beauty-treatment-with-dermaroller

A standard derma roller is a drum-shaped device filled with 192 microneedles arrange in rows, 0.1 mm in diameter and 0.5 – 1.5 mm in length.  The microneedles used reactive ion techniques on a medical-grade stainless steel or silicon device.  It is sterilized using gamma irritation. Medical derma rollers found on doctor’s clinic are used only once.

It is a simple clinic procedure which usually lasts for about 15 to 20 minutes. Before the procedure, a topical anesthesia is applied for 45 minutes to one hour.  The derma rolling is done for 15 to 20 times in oblique, vertical and horizontal directions. Patients will have to wait for at least six weeks for a new skin to form.

Some used this device to tighten their skin to remove excess cellulite. It is used in a similar fashion in removing scars and other marks in the body. Derma rollers works by stimulating collagen production to treat cellulite, stretch marks, wrinkle, scars and more.

With just a small and incredible device, you will soon have the beach body that you are dreaming of – free from stretch marks, scars, and cellulite.

No more Bikini worries!

Woman, who has been hiding their body for years, can now enjoy wearing a bikini.  Derma roller is definitely a cheap way to remove disfiguring marks like stretch marks, acne, scars and unwanted cellulite.  In fact, it is one of the most affordable, simple and easy procedure to remove this unwanted marks.

You can have the procedure done in an office clinic for about two hours, and you will see quick results.  Just make sure that you follow the doctor’s orders after the treatment.  You should keep yourself sun protected to avoid any adverse skin reactions. The side effects are minimal and not that significant.

Some patients reported that they feel slight discomfort, irritation, itchiness and skin redness.  Other patients have hyperpigmentation, but this rarely happens. These effects are not common to all; some did not report having these symptoms.

More so, derma rollers are now being used as anti-cellulite.  It removes the subcutaneous fats in the body.  If you are too conscious about having a sexy and toned muscles, derma rollers is definitely a smart alternative option.  You can work out to tighten your skin for a firmer looking skin.

It is amazing how this small device, can make wonders in your body.  But more clinical studies are coming out showing promising results of microneedling therapy or dermarolling therapy in addressing this dermatologic problem. Soon enough, a lot of less minimally invasive techniques will be introduced into the dermatology and cosmetic market.

Is Derma rolling Really Effective?

A lot of researches have shown how derma roller is an effective treatment in removing stretch marks, scars, acne and other disfiguring marks. In fact, it is a popular treatment because it is relatively cheap and it can be used for transdermal drug delivery which means a drug is delivered through the skin for faster and efficient results.

Most dermatologists are using this technique because it is simple to use but it is effective in treating scars.  So if you are afraid to show off your beach body because of your disfiguring marks, this is the best treatment modality that you can try out.

There are available home-care derma rollers which can be bought in the over-the-counter drugs.  The directions on how to use the product is available on the product manual.  Users are instructed to move it in horizontal, diagonal and vertical directions.  There are also topical creams that they can use along with the derma rollers.

Home care derma rollers can be used twice a week together with an anti-aging cream and other topical products. After use, make sure that you cleaned it using a hot water and shake it to remove any excess water and then let it dry.  There are also roller cleansers that you can buy in the leading drugstore.

The side effects noted in using the product is actually caused by wrong application or the derma rollers are not cleaned properly after use. Home care derma rollers may be used for several times, but make sure that you cleaned it properly. Medical devices are only used once.

Stop Hiding and Say Hello, to a Beach Bikini Body

With derma rollers, you can now go out and flaunt your beach bikini body. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars for a liposuction and other expensive laser therapy. Even without exercise, you can achieve a firmer skin.  In a cheap and affordable price, you can now remove those disfiguring marks and unwanted cellulite that lowered your self-esteem. Be confident and show off your sexy curves! Order your Derma Roller today!


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