Diet and Dermarolling Therapy: Is there Any Food that you Should Not Eat While Having Dermarolling Therapy?!

If you are new into dermarolling therapy, there are many questions that you have in mind. Probably, one of them would be – if there are there any foods that you shouldn’t eat while having dermarolling therapy? This is a very interesting question though, knowing that food plays very important role in the occurrence of many illnesses and diseases nowadays.

There are certain food choices that you should avoid when you plan to do dermarolling therapy.  This is a critical point to remember because you may not be an ideal candidate for skin needling if your skin is not in good shape. Food has a crucial role in the healing process of your skin after having dermarolling therapy.

If you are not in good health, you may be prone to scarring and or you may not have a complete healing after the treatment. You know for the fact, that in dermarolling therapy, you will have to undergo skin needling to give way for a healthier skin cells. This skin therapy creates micro injury in the skin to allow the growth of new skin cells which will help make the skin look younger with lesser scarring.

So what are the foods that you should avoid or take in moderation?


Foods to Avoid While Having Skin Needling?!


1.      Too Much Caffeine

You know that too much caffeine in the diet is bad for your health. Caffeine is the bitter-like substance that you can taste when you drink:

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Chocolate
  • Soft drinks

Caffeine is a stimulant that has many effects on the body particularly on the central nervous system. Actually, caffeine help boost energy and keep you more alert. That is why a lot of people love foods with caffeine.

For example, ideally, you should take at least two cups of coffee a day. This amount will not cause any harm to your body. But if you take too much of coffee and other caffeine foods, you may experience:

  • Migraine attacks
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Difficulty in falling asleep
  • Abnormal heart rhythms
  • Dehydration
  • Other dependency symptoms

There are also some individuals who are sensitive to caffeine and they may have other manifestations.

So if you plan to have your skin needling, and you are taking too much caffeine, you should try to monitor and regulate your intake. Preferably, take caffeine foods in moderation.  Two cups a day won’t do any harm.

Take note, you should not stop caffeine abruptly, because if you are used to it and suddenly you stop taking it, you may experience withdrawal symptoms. So better to have at least the recommended amount so you won’t feel any headaches, dizziness and other related symptoms.


2.      Excessive Intake of Processed Foods


You know that processed foods are the main reason why there are lots of people getting sick! Processed foods are bad for your health simply because:

  • It contains high amounts of sugar and high fructose corn syrup. These substances can alter your body’s metabolism which may lead to heart diseases, cancer, obesity and diabetes.
  • Processed foods contain all sorts of chemicals and artificial ingredients that are carcinogenic or may cause cancer. It has high amount of preservatives, artificial colorings, flavorings and so on.
  • It contains excessive amounts of refined carbohydrates which lead to a tremendous increase in blood sugar levels. This is why obesity and diabetes are prevalent in countries that have more processed foods.
  • Processed foods have low nutritional content.
  • It has low fiber.
  • Processed foods are high in Tran’s fat which is considered as unhealthy fats!

If you eat too much processed foods, you are slowly killing your body!

In dermarolling therapy, the healing process usually takes weeks to months depending on the severity of your skin condition.  It is very long process because it works on the principle of the natural skin healing. The therapy may seem slow but the effects are permanent and long-lasting.

If your body is unhealthy, it will delay the natural healing process. You will not be able to get the most out of the treatment because your body is not fit for the therapy. If you want to have a healthy glowing skin, you also need to make healthy food choices.

Eat the right kinds of foods such as fresh vegetables, fruits, fish, and other healthy food choices.  Take vitamin supplements so you won’t have any vitamin deficiency which may alter the natural healing process.


3.      Too Much Alcohol


If you are fond of drinking alcohol, and you plan to do dermarolling therapy, think again!

Excessive alcohol intake may cause:

  • Skin Dehydration
  • It may cause malabsorption problems that may deprive your skin of the essential vitamins and nutrients.
  • Other skin conditions like Rosacea may cause facial disfigurement if it is linked with alcohol. Rosacea is a skin conditions wherein there is a tendency to blush easily.

Taking too much alcohol may compromise your skin’s health. It is better to drink in moderation so you won’t have any skin problems while having dermarolling therapy.


4.      Diet Plays A Huge Role, You know!


Alas! Hopefully, you realized that diet and proper food choices play a very important role in maintaining a healthy and glowing skin. You should not take it for granted. If you have poor food choices like eating too much processed foods, alcohol, caffeine and many other unhealthy diets – you will not be a good candidate for dermarolling treatment as well as in other skin therapy.

You should first keep your skin healthy, so it can withstand the healing process after having a dermarolling treatment. Take note that aside from the diet, smoking, lack of sleep, vitamin and mineral deficiency and stressful lifestyle can also affect your skin’s health. So, better live healthy by making proper food choices and habits.

The important thing to remember is that, you should not take too much of these foods because it can cause ill effects in your body.  Preferably, take only the recommended amounts so you won’t have any problem.  The key to a healthy and glowing skin is a healthy diet and lifestyle choices.

It will also help boost the effect of dermarolling therapy. If you have healthy skin, you will have faster healing process.



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