Home Remedies That Work Best Together with Dermarollers

You want a more affordable way to make your beautification affordable and convenient? Something that you can work best at home and wont consume too much of your time, effort and money? Then there is nothing better than having your beautification done at the comfort of your home with the use of a dermaroller and things you can see inside your home or supermarket.

Before going any further, it is best if you know the benefits and what to expect from your dermaroller.

Benefits of dermaroller

Before starting the rolling of your dermarollers to your face or any parts of your body, it is necessary that you know that since dermaroller has fine needles surrounding on it. Expect a bit of pain, but highly tolerable, thus not too much to worry about.

Moving on, people, especially girls, look for better ways just to make themselves look good. It almost come as a norm, thus new innovations are being introduced in the market, including dermarollers, which offer users great benefits and help.

Can you use home remedies with dermarollers?

Everything should work towards your advantage, especially if it has something to do with making yourself beautiful. Now that you know the benefits, actually what is written above is just few of the things you can expect from dermarollers. The magic of dermaroller can actually be used and can be effective on its own, but surely, it can go far with the help of other home remedies.

Home remedies? Yes, you read it right, home remedies. You might have heard from friends or read from different articles the effectiveness of home remedies to beautify skin, hair etc. Now, it is time to make use of those home remedies together with your dermarollers and see how effective it can possibly be.

Some of the home remedies you can make use of are:

Egg whites

Soaking the amino acids that are highly present in egg white, through the epidermis, will surely help you to strengthen skin ans heal scars. Use of dermaroller before soaking your face and even stretch marks, this will give you great effect and results.

Coconut oil

You know coconut oil is best to use for your skin. The benefits of coconut oil should never be in anyway questioned, especially that it enhances skin elasticity, improve overall cell regeneration and to add, fight off infection. Use coconut oil to stretch marks as a support as you use your dermarollers. This is surely a great moisturizer perfect to give the skin the hydration it needs.


Sugar can give you the benefits, you surely are looking for. The benefits of sugar to skin is simply undeniable and satisfactory. Make use of sugar as scrub, together with other home remedies, lemon and virgin oil, and you have a perfect scrub that will remove all your dead skin cells and perfectly rejuvinate your skin by encouraging new growth.


You surely love potatoes, mashed or fried, but potatoes are also best to use raw. Slicing potatoes to thick slices and rubbing it directly to scarred skin and letting the potato juice set to skin for 15  minutes before you rinse it off with warm water. This will give you great skin due to the minerals and vitamins that potato naturally has.

Aloe vera

Do you have aloe vera in your garden? If you do, then you are lucky. Aloe vera is perfect to provide goodness to both skin and hair. This is definitely a great way to give you hair and skin natural glow.

One thing you need to know, is that there are foods that are best to go with your dermarollers. They are not to be spread or apply to infected areas or areas you want improvement, but they are best to provide support to dermarollers by consuming them, through eating.

You never know that the food you consume almost regularly at home, is giving you the highest benefit to improve your skin, thus helping and working well as you use dermarollers. Perfect indeed “Beauty inside and out”

Minerals that can best give you support and will give instant benefit to your skin


Food rich in Zinc like clams, almonds, lobsters, peanuts etc. are best to promote clearer skin. Who would not work on it inside and work with dermarollers outside? What to expect? Perfect skim finish, smooth, fair and flawless.

Alpha Lipolic Acid

You surely know why your body needs both Vitamin C and E, what to expect from Alpha Lipolic Acid? 400 times stronger than regular vitamin c and e can provide. Eat your supply of Alpha Lipolic Acid from foods like chard, spinach, broccoli and collard greens. Consume enough of Alpha Lipolic Acid and work it together with dermarollers.


Eat your fish, salmon, sardines and anchovies, to get the most out or Dimethylaminoethanol, are perfect to reduce the redness and even acne swelling. This will surely elevate the effect of dermarollers and make it more easier for dermarollers to give you the perfect skin you are definitely looking for.

Grape seed extract

Cherries, berries, grapes and include wine, they all taste really good, apart from that, these are all best to provide the repair of skin that you need for any of your scars, blemishes etc., leaving it to just dermarollers can work but why not give it an additional kick with those sweet grape seed extract.

Vitamin A

Halibut, red bell peppers, spinach, broccoli and a lot more food rich in Vitamin A can encourage quick healing to skin, thus giving you fast healing from dermarollers treatment and as well as other scars and wounds.

Vitamin B complex

Complete Vitamin B from B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, Folic Acid and Biotin, foods like walnuts, almonds, spinach, eggs, yogurt, sunflower seeds, vegetables, these are food rich in Vitamin B complex. This type of nutrient is best to provide you with healthy skin, hair and even nails. These are things that your dermaroller can do, thus giving a boost and support from Vitamin B complex will surely give you better and more satisfying results.

Vitamin C

Orange, tomato, strawberry, broccoli, grapefruit etc., are food rich in Vitamin C. Your vitamin C consumption will support your dermaroller with speed healing and prevention of any skin damage cause by the environment.

Things you need to know

Furthermore, home remedy is not just for boost on the effect that you can get from your dermaroller. Another use of different home remedies is cleaning it as well.

You can clean your dermaroller, with the use of different things you can see in your kitchen like a plastic food container, wash liquid, spray bottle, hot running water, surgical spirit or rubbing alcohol, kitchen roll or paper towels.

The procedure of cleaning is just easy, in your plastic food container, fill it up with hot water and few drops of wash liquid. Let the dermaroller settle into the water solution for around 10-20 minutes. After that, let hot water rinse the dermaroller.

Once complete, it is time for you to sterilize. Simply fill your spray bottle with rubbing alcohol, and start spraying it directly to your dermaroller. Make sure that all needles, all parts of dermaroller is covered with  rubbing alcohol to ensure that they are well sterilized. Once down, rinse your dermaroller with running water.

Now, once all is done, lay the dermaroller upside down on your prepared kitchen roll or paper towel. Make it all dried up then keep it back to its case.

Another reminder: Sharing for your dermaroller, may not be highly recommended. keeping your own is best to ensure that you will not get any infection and the like.


There is nothing more effective and safe than working on all things naturally with your dermarollers. Take advantage of what you have within your household as you use your dermaroller, make your dermaroller work all towards your advantage.

These natural remedies can surely provide your skin, hair and nails a perfect, natural-looking result from dermarollers.













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