How Is Body Derma Roller Different & What Can You Approve With It?

Have you ever wondered that if derma roller is so beneficial for your face, can it do the same for the rest of the body? Different derma rollers aren’t actually quite similar. In this article we will, nevertheless, bring out what are the few differences between those two and what you can approve with a body derma roller.

Differences of Body and Face Roller

The biggest difference is perhaps the size of the roller. Since our face has all little bumps and cavities then face derma rollers are also small and thin in order to be the most effective. Whereas it would take probably a long time to treat the whole body with a narrow roller. That is why derma roller for your body has much wider roller area, so the treatment would be comfortable.

The bigger needling head will allow you to treat a wider area with lesser time to rejuvenate your skin on all body parts and to treat all kinds of signs of aging or stretch marks and other types of scarring.

Why Should We Use Derma Roller for Body?

When our skin is aging it is not only on our face, although those fine lines and small wrinkles are most noticeable on our face. Yet they may appear on other body parts as well. Body derma roller helps you to treat them, making your skin rejuvenate itself all over your body.

When you have given birth to a child (or even many children) or you have lost significant amount of weight, then you know that different parts of your body are covered with stretch marks. They can be very uncomfortable in a way that it makes us less confident about our bodies. It can be a factor that lessens our self-esteem a great deal.

Specially after giving birth or losing all that extra weight the skin might not contract everywhere as fast as we would like. Then even though we have lost all that weight, it still doesn’t make us confident enough to take a walk in a beach wearing only a narrow bikini. Does some of that seem familiar to you as well?

Derma Roller Helps to Make Us Feel Better About Our Skin

Derma roller works exactly the same way for the body it does for a face. It makes the treated skin area to produce much more collagen and elastin as it normally does, making the skin much more elastic over time. As a result skin will contract more easily, looking younger and firmer.

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