How Often Can I Microneedle?

You probably know by now that the popular dermaroller is a tool that is much loved for its anti-aging effect by many people. Want glowing skin at home-you must try out microneedling. It is a popular rejuvenation treatment for the skin, known to help reduce signs of aging, hyperpigmentation, and pesky acne scars-microneedling will be your friend. Not only are dermarollers extremely effective, they are also very easy to use. One mistake that every skincare lover does is by being impatient, and overdo microneedling to get the results faster. This doesn’t do any good to the skin but cause more damage and lessen the wondrous benefits of this device. So you shouldn’t microneedle everyday. In this article, we have have summed up many different dermarolling frequencies after testing.  

What Is Microneedling?

Microneedling is a procedure that uses a device called a dermaroller or a dermapen that produces micro injuries to the epidermis and dermis. The healing, inflammation and the production of collagen should take place timely for the benefits of microneedling to become evident.  Collagenesis, which is the production of collagen peaks at 14 days after procedure.  So, we should wait atleast 14 – 30 days after the first microneedling procedure before getting a repeated microneedling treatment.

How often can I microneedle?

There are many different recommendations for dermarolling frequencies, but to find the most effective one that provides the best results on all skin types with gentle application is difficult. But don’t worry,we have spent a significant amount of time testing the dermaroller to answer your questions.

How often you perform a dermarolling treatment depends largely on needle-length.  For microneedling, at home, it’s important to follow the directions because if you don’t follow the instructions, you could damage your skin.  You must look for a high quality derma roller with finest needles available.  

As you are trying microneedling at home, you should start with short-needled dermaroller. You can safely use your dermaroller with 0.1mm needles or less, 2-3 times a week. Using a serum along with it provides maximum results. It is important to follow and maintain your weekly microneedling routine.

If you are using longer needles, you must wait alteast 4 to 6 weeks before doing the next microneedling procedure. This is because microneedling creates micro wounds in to the skin which must be all healed before the second treatment. Your skin needs time to do the healing that will give it that youthful glow.

Furthermore, depending on your age, cellular turnover takes about 4 to 6 weeks. It’s best to wait and allow your cells to be replaced and renewed before you get another treatment. If you microneedle in this time, you would be re-damaging the skin that is about to be replaced by the cellular turnover.

Secondly, microneedling overdrives our body’s production of collagen and elastin. And it takes approximately 3 months to complete. Thus, having treatments done closer together will do more harm than good. 


As we know that needle length is very important in determining the frequency of microneedling treatment, so it is very essential to know what to put on your skin and when to get the maximum results.  
Here are some guidelines, you must follow:
0.25 mm microneedles: You can use it every 2 days or every day.

0.5 mm microneedles: You can use it once a month or every 7 days.
1.0 mm microneedles: You can use it every six to eight weeks.

2.0 mm microneedles: It can be used it every 6 to 8 weeks.

It is not recommended to use needles longer than 2.0mm at home. Beginners should start with 0.25mm needle length.

Sania has a medical background and she is obsessed in dermarollers. She loves to write and study medical benefits of dermarolling.

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