How To Grow Beard With Microneedling?

Microneedling creates small micropunctures making your organism believe that there is wounds in the skin which makes skin maximize collagen production. It activates your body’s natural healing mechanisms, increases blood circulation and increases different serums absorption depending on which serums You are using during the microneedling process. In today’s post we are focusing more on why and how to grow Your beard with microneedling.

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Microneedling Not a Women’s Thing Anymore

Originally microneedling has been used mostly by women to make their skin look more fresh and decrease different scars and wrinkles to make their skin look younger. Nowadays microneedling is not only for women. Many men have discovered its benefits also and not only for making your skin look younger, but to help to grow thick manly beard. Stay tuned to find out how microneedling helps to make the beard grow better.

Benefits of Microneedling

First of all studies have shows that microneedling process makes beard for men grow faster than usual. Not only that. It also makes the hair thicker, making the beard look fuller and have stronger feel to it. Microneedling also makes your body bring more nutrients and hormones to your skin naturally since by microneedling your body is fooled to thing that there are wounds in your skin. Microneedling actually does not injure your skin, this is because the microneedles length are chosen so that they will not injure the epidermis of the skin. It only causes superficial bleeding which is temporary, but in long term it makes skin produce more collagen.

In today’s world beards with all lengths among men are becoming more and more popular. It is considered as a very manly and masculine visual factor, making a man look more mature. Nevertheless beard does not always grow exactly as we want them to grow. They often also not equally thick everywhere. Sometimes when beard grows longer, there might appear some balder spots that You are not comfortable with. Microneedling helps to fill in those gaps and help You to have that full thick beard naturally.

Thick Beard Isn’t An Only Bonus

Thicker beard is not an only benefit that men can gain from microneedling. It also makes your blood circulate much better in Your face skin. As a result it will reduce wrinkles and facial scar tissues. So this is completely a win-win situation – healthier and fresh-looking youthful skin along with thicker beard.

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