Say Good Bye To Pregnancy Stretch Marks And Hello To Microneedling

It is exciting time of Your life right after getting a newborn baby. Unfortunately those not-so-good-looking pregnancy stretch marks can be a real bother and have a huge effect on Your self-esteem. We have a way for You how You can in a natural and safe way say bye to those stretch marks for good. Let’s start from the beginning!

Collagen is a vital protein in our body. In other words it is basically a material that holds our body together. We have at least 16 different types of collagen in our body, like in our bones and skin. In addition collagen exists together with elastin in our skin. Together they make our skin look elastic, moisturized and young. Furthermore, our bodies are capable of producing collagen themselves, but as we get older the content of collagen reduces in our skin. To clarify, this is the reason for all the wrinkles in our skin when we get older.

For example, when we have some kind of injury in our skin, collagen is there to help with the skin healing process. In short, if the wound in the skin is significant, then different type of collagen forms to replace the missing part in the skin. This is what we see as scars. Similarly this is also how stretch marks appear on our body.

Why Do We Get Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks usually appear on our body while being pregnant or when we gain a lot of weight in a short period of time. The skin in our body is elastic, but it has its limits and when the skin is stretched out over that limit, skin forms quickly collagen patches in our skin to prevent it from tearing. We see those spots as stretch marks. In other words, stretch marks form similarly to scars. Over time when our skin slowly heals, the stretch marks turn lighter or disappear completely.

There is a way though, to help our skin’s healing process by helping it to form the type of collagen that makes our skin looks new and fresh. Eventually it replaces the collagen inside the stretch marks, making them turn lighter or disappear completely. This help is known as microneedling.

How Can Microneelding Help To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks?

Microneelding is a harmless process, where we create small superficial micro wounds in the skin without actually harming the skin itself.

How does this help?

When we create those micro punctures in the skin with the help of dermaroller or electric dermapen, we trick our skin into believing that there are wounds in the skin. As a result our body increases the production of collagen immensely in order to mend these small wounds as fast as possible.

Over the next couple of months after microneelding procedure, our skin produces lots of newly formed fresh collagen in the area of those “wounds”, which makes the skin in those areas renew itself. As a result the scar tissue on those skin areas will be replaced by newly formed skin.

Final Results Still Takes Time

It is important to remember thought that these processes still takes time. Meaning, it will not happen overnight. But with the increased production of collagen, it will speed up the renewal process in the skin as it would normally happen without any microneedling. Also, for the best results it is good to perform microneelding procedure on the scar tissue more than once. It is not advised to do microneedling on the same skin areas more than once every three weeks. As well as, remember that the true results start to appear from 30 days after the procedure.

Microneedling works best with the rejuvenating serums to help to get the best possible result.

Microneedling For Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are usually hardened in texture, different color than your normal skin and often raised a little bit of the skin, you can feel them under your fingers. Same as with scars. Microneedling will help to even and smooth these uneven textures of the skin and fill in the fine lines. As a result the stretch marks become lighter and lighter until they are barely recognizable or gone completely.

After the birth of Your adorable baby, it is important to remember that microneedling procedure is effective on the scar tissues, not on the fresh wounds. So in case you had C section or just had the baby naturally, it is vital to wait until your body heals a bit. Nevertheless it is completely safe procedure on the stretch marks even during nursing, because the results depend on your own body’s healing mechanisms. There will be no other invasive actions, so it is safe and natural. Your own body will produce the new collagen and even out the stretch marks. Microneedling is just a speeding up the process that will happen in your skin anyway.

Now, Serums

As a new mom you are probably very cautious of consuming anything that has a slight indication that is not natural, specially when you are daily nurturing your newborn baby. This is why it is best to keep the serums you use simple and safe. We have got two main suggestions for that.

First of all, very important for this procedure is vitamin C. Vitamin C helps along to increasing the collagen production in Your skin. So for the absolutely best results we advise you to use vitamin C serum even prior to the microneedling procedure itself, as well as you can use it during and after the procedure.

Keep The Skin Moisturized

Secondly, the hyaluronic acid serum will help to moisturize your skin which further helps along with the procedure. For getting the best results our of this serum, look for the serum that has B5 in it as well as vitamin B complex is very important for our body. While nurturing Your child these are sufficient to get maximum results out of microneedling.

Similarly there are many other serums to test with, each of their own unique properties. Check out our full selection of serums right HERE!

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