Dermapen for wrinkles

The Best Dermapen For Wrinkles

Right now, it all about the dermarolling. Nowadays, with the advanced tools and techniques, it can be easily done in the vicinity of your home. Before we go deep into explaining what the best dermapen for wrinkles, we need to fully understand what exactly micro needling is?

Dermarolling is basically puncturing your skin with tiny needles in order to produce more collagen. The needles which prick your skin cause slight trauma to your skin. To cope with that trauma your skin produces rich, healthier collagen. Well, I know pricking your skin with needles is pretty scary and how in the world would anyone want to do that. But let me assure you it is worth it and works wonders for your skin.

What is a dermarolling pen for?

Dermapen is a tool used for dermarolling procedure in which a bunch of tiny needles is used to puncture the very first layer of skin. The tools look like a pen with a handy holder and needles on top. It causes physical trauma by inducing small injuries/punctures on the skin.

Best dermapen for wrinkles:

Dermapens are popularly used for fine lines and wrinkles. There aren’t a variety of dermapens like dermarollers. But both of them work by the same mechanism and for the same purpose. We have managed to put here the best dermapen for wrinkles in the market.

Electric Dermapen:

The electric dermapen is an automated and rechargeable dermarolling device with a disposable tip covered with 12 sterile needles. The needles of the dermapen penetrate the skin vertically and create invisible micro-injuries to the wrinkled skin. Using dermapen for wrinkles stimulates the skin’s natural ability to heal itself and boosts the production of skin proteins. In doing so, the body’s immune system overdrives and repairs the skin through the normal physiological processes. Through microneedling, the wrinkles start to fade and the skin fresh and rejuvenated.

The needle length of the electric dermapen needles is adjustable and can be changed from 0.25mm and 2.5mm, according to the skin requirement. For wrinkles, it is recommended to use 2.5mm needle length for effective penetration. Depending upon individual preferences, the vibration speed can also be changed.

Electric Dermapen


Dermastamp is just like a cheap version of dermapen. It works with just the same effectiveness. The only difference is that it works manually, while the dermapen is automatic. The procedure involves stamping on the skin with this tool. It covers a small area so it might be time taking to microneedle the entire face. It looks like a dermapen with the same handle and the top. Dermastamp has 40 titanium needles. The area of derma stamping is equal to the fingertip. Therefore, it is best to use for wrinkles in the areas that are difficult to reach like eyebrows and the deep lines surrounding the lips. It effectively works for wrinkles around the eyes and smile lines.


Dermarollers vS Dermapens:

The dermaroller and the dermapen works on the same mechanism which is the production of collagen in the skin. But the derma pen is an advanced tool. Furthermore, It has many other advantages over the dermaroller, including:

Dermapens are less painful, and cause less injury on the skin the dermaroller. This is because the Dermaroller inserts needles into the skin at a 45-degree angle which creates tearing wounds. While the dermapen penetrate the skin vertically, creating a clean puncture.

Dermapens are more consistent. Dermapens are automated. They cause controlled and consistent penetration of the skin. While the dermarollers are completely manual and often result in user error.

Dermapens are customizable. The size of the needle of the dermapen can be changed by patient concerns and skin issues, while the dermaroller cannot be customized.

The Dermapen is more hygienic. The dermapen has disposable needle tips while the dermaroller doesn’t.

Dermapen is more effective. In comparison to dermaroller, the dermapen is more effective than the dermaroller.

Dermarollers are less pricier. This is the only advantage of dermaroller over dermapen. The dermapen costs around 100-200$, but dermaroller only costs about 10-30$.

Sania has a medical background and she is obsessed in dermarollers. She loves to write and study medical benefits of dermarolling.

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