what is a derma roller

What Is a Derma Roller?

  • So you want to know what is a derma roller? Read our following article where we make it simple to understand what is a derma roller & why everyone are talking about it.

Explaining What is A Derma Rollerwhat is a derma roller

Derma Roller is a pretty unique type of beauty tool designed for skin needling therapy. This treatment is perfect

Non-surgical and non-ablative treatment of many skin conditions such as:

Derma roller is used to make your skin thicker by triggering skin regeneration process. And this is exactly what your skin needs to erase wrinkles and smooth scars!

Derma Roller Benefits

So now you know what is a derma roller, but what about how it can be beneficial to you?

Derma roller has usually around 200 very fine needles that „injure“ the skin sufficiently enough to stimulate collagen and derma roller benefitselastin production. Besides the triggered collagen synthesis, derma roller also helps you benefit more from your skin care products. The small micro-channels that derma roller creates during the needling help derma roller serum active ingredients to absorb deeper to skin. And when they get more and deeper inside the skin, then that significantly increases their overall efficiency.

So why pay big money on expensive high quality cosmetics when most of it will not even be able to penetrate to skin deeply enough to provide the nutrition for skin to remove wrinkles or scars? With derma roller you can now easily benefit from your skin care products significantly more that before and your skin will have healthier and smoother looks thanks to increased nutrition!

Main Advantages of Derma Roller

Derma rollers are simply revolutionary! They do the same job that lasers and other ablative methods by increasing the production of collagen with minimal damage to the protective layer of the skin.

Derma rollers are effective! In fact they are just as effective as lasers, IPL, Thermage and other similar  treatments, but cost only a fraction of the other treatments.

Derma rollers are safe! Derma roller needles are long enough to stimulate the collagen production in skin, also short enough to provide safe needling without any damage to skin, no pain or downtime,  and no risks for complications.

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