What to do when the Needle Broke in Your Skin? Must Know Helpful Tips Before You start using Dermastamps!

Your best friend may have told you something about dermastamp.  And you are considering trying it. If you want to know if dermastamp are safe to use, you come into the right page.

In here, you will learn more about dermastamp:

  • What is Dermastamp?
  • How to choose the right needle size for dermastamp?
  • Why Dermastamps are great tool?
  • How to properly use Dermastamp?
  • How to properly use dermastamp in different areas of the body?
  • What to do if the dermastamp broke into your skin?  What you will do next?

What are Dermastamps?


Dermastamps is an excellent choice for someone who is starting with skin needling.  This device is a miniature version of dermarollers. It is used to remove or reduced localized scars like varicella scars. The needle of dermastamps is 2mm in length and has a diameter of only 0.12 mm.  The entire procedure may last only for two minutes.

How to choose the right needle size for dermastamp?

For starters it is best to use 1 mm needle size particularly if you are afraid of needles.  For deeper scars, it is best to use 1.5 mm needle.  But you have to ask an expert first before you perform any invasive procedure.  If you want to do it yourself, you have to consult an expert on how to use it properly.

For shallow scars it is best to use a 1mm dermastamp with 12 or 40 microneedles. Or you may also use a 1.5 mm dermastamp with 80 needles.  It depends on your skin type, and the kind of scar that you are trying to remove. The best thing about dermastamp is that the fewer needles you use, it will be easier to penetrate deeply into the skin for a fairer result.

Longer size needle penetrate more deeply and it has more optimum effect.  But you have to be very careful in using it because a wrong move may break the collagen.

Why Dermastamps are great tool?

Dermastamps are great tool because it works like a single needle. So you can perform several punctures at a short span of time. It is ideal for women who has a hectic schedule and wants to save more time. More so, the number of the needles used is few so it is not painful to use.

It also allows you to see the result faster. The good thing about dermastamp is that it effectively target smaller scars.

How to Properly Use Dermastamp?

The good thing about dermastamp is that you don’t need to stamp all the scars in one sitting.  You can start from one cheek, and then thoroughly use it on the scars.  Then, wait for it to heal, and then you can proceed with the other scars.


In fact, you can use it together with a dermaroller for a more efficient result.  Dermarollers are very effective for larger areas particularly if you are going to use it on larger scars in the body to remove or reduce stretch marks and other visible scars. You can use dermastamp in addition to dermaroller so you can thoroughly remove all kinds of scars, pigmentation, and other marks.

As you continually use the tool, you will master the skill on how to use it properly. It requires minimal training – as long as you do the right procedure.

In the end, you can decide which is best to treat a particular scar, whether you will use dermaroller or dermastamp.

How to properly use dermastamp in different areas of the body?

For enlarged pores, it is best to use a 0.5 mm dermastamp for a more improve result.

If you are planning to use dermastamp in your nose, better to use a 1 mm microneedle. You need to be very careful in using it in the nose, because it has an unpredictable healing process. If you are so aggressive in using it in your nose, it may worsen your skin condition instead of improving it.

To remove wrinkles, a 1.5 mm dermastamp with 12 needles is the best option. It can effectively reduce wrinkles even in the eyebrow. For wrinkles around the eye area, a 0.5 mm or 1 dermastamp can help lessen these fine lines.

For the lips it is good to use 1.5 mm or 2mm dermastamp with 40 needles.  Just be very careful with this area because it is very sensitive. Since you are doing it at home, you may need to use an ice cube then put in a plastic bag.  When you put in the lip area, it will help numb the skin, so you can easily perform the skin needling.

What to do if the dermastamp broke into your skin?  What you will do next?

Just in case accidentally a dermastamp broke deep into your skin, it is best to go to a nearest clinic and ask a dermatologist to remove the needle for you. In this way, you will be free from any infection and or inflammation.  It will surely get inflamed because it is a foreign body and your body will try to remove it by activating the inflammatory process.

If you will do it yourself, make sure that you use a sterilized instrument to remove the tip of the needle.  Though, this is very hard to do considering that the needle is too small.

Next time, it is best that you buy good quality brand of dermastamp. Those that are made from titanium needles are durable and it does not easily break. Although, the price is a bit higher, you are confident that it will not break.

Bottom line

Dermastamps are great addition to dermarolling therapy.  You can use it to remove smaller scars more effectively. If you are in a hurry, this is a perfect tool to use because it covers only a minimal area but it has a very effective and fast result.


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