Does 0.5 Derma Roller Hurt?

Have you ever wondered whether does the 0.5 derma roller hurt your skin? Typically it should not hurt much – of course you will feel it, otherwise it is not something very painful. When dermarolling hurts, then you might be using too big needles or your dermaroller is damaged. This occurs when you have dropped it for example. Before starting your dermarolling session be make sure that everything is exactly like needed, otherwise we would not recommend doing it. Now we will take a look at different solutions how to make your dermarolling as comfortable as possible.

Dermarolling with Numbing Cream

First and most common way to avoid pain is to use numbing cream. Numbing cream numbs your skin before different painful treatments like tattooing or why not dermarolling. Everything in this case is depending on your pain tolerance. Some people do not need to use anything to take care of their skin. First, you should try dermarolling with numbing cream and next time do it without the cream. You will feel the difference and then it is up to you to decide whether to use it or not. Who would not enjoy so called painful treatments without any pain? This numbing cream can also be used for waxing. In our opinion waxing hurts more than dermarolling, so when you can tolerate waxing pain, then derma rolling will not hurt you.

F&E Tattooist Numbing Cream

0.5 Derma Roller and Other Sizes

The 0.5 derma roller is the most commonly used roller. Mainly because it is suitable for your whole body, but can also be used for the face. A big part of dermaroller users buy it to get their face skin in perfect condition. We also believe that the face is part of the body that needs dermarolling treatment the most. When used correctly, then 0.5 derma roller will not hurt you. There is always a chance that you have damaged your needles and it can actually rip your skin and cause bleeding. When something like this should occur, you have to closely inspect your roller to see if there is any damage. Rule of thumb is that the bigger the needles the more painful it can be. It is also impossible to compare the difference a small 0.25 roller and 2.0 roller can make. Big roller like 2.0 is used only by experienced rollers and should not be used as your first dermaroller.

How to Use Numbing Cream?

Actually, there is nothing hard using the cream because it is just like any other cream you apply on your skin. Still, there are some measurements you have to take into consideration. First of all you should cleanse thoroughly the whole area you are planning to roll and pat your face dry with a towel. While you are applying the cream make sure to wear some gloves and it should leave only a thin layer on your skin. Just leave the cream on for about 20-30 minutes and make sure you are not covering it with anything. After the time has passed wipe the cream off and you are ready to go. You should feel the skin is numb and for example, rolling with a 0.5 derma roller should basically not hurt you at all! Depending on your needs, there is also a possibility to buy the numbing cream in bulk to save some money. With the extra money you now have, you can choose yourself a serum that you need.

3x F&E Tattooist Numbing Cream

Why Bigger Needles Hurt?

Just to make sure that everyone understands it, we will try to explain it a bit longer. For example, if we take a 2.0 roller, then you have to understand that the needles penetrating your skin are four (4) times bigger compared to a 0.5 roller. That is why it also hurts much more. No matter what area of your body you are planning to roll, make sure you will start out with small needles just to get the feeling of it. When you should use a 2.0 roller as your first roller then we can assure you that you will no longer be interested in rolling your body. Just to make the rolling process less painful you can use smaller needles and there is also one more solution. The second solution is first to search for information on our blog – where you can find different articles about dermarolling. There is a big difference between correct and incorrect rolling. Make sure you do exactly as said in the instructions and in no time you will start to notice differences in your skin condition.

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