Are Derma rollers Effective?

Derma roller is a tool that consists of using a mini wheel covered with needles tiny needles to gently prick the face. Honestly, they kind of look like small torture devices. But, it works like wonders for minimizing the effects of acne scars, reducing fine lines, and evening out skin tone.

By creating micro pathways in the skin, a derma roller allows the topical product to penetrate evenly. The needles on the derma rollers vary in sizes starting from 0.1 to 2mm in length. Those tiny needles are not necessarily for collagen synthesis rather it can be used to  get any of your products to absorb and penetrate the skin.”

How to use a derma roller:

Derma rollers are fairly easy to use you just have to roll the derma roller horizontally to create small channels for the product to penetrate easily. First roll it horizontally across the forehead, cheeks, chin back and forth. Go back to the forehead but this time moves the derma roller vertically i.e up and down up to three times. Finally, you have to go diagonally all across the face. A tip to remember is that always move your derma roller from the center outward through the face and on the nose you work downward.

After this, your skin is prepped to absorb the products you want your skin to have. Although you can use any kind of products but is it recommended to use anti-aging and collagen-stimulating products. Among the vitamins, it’s a great idea to use vitamin C to stimulate your skin. It is considered best to use derma rollers at night, so that you’re not exposed to the sun when you’re more susceptible to damage.

How are derma rollers effective:

Derma Rolling at Home or at the specialist office?
Making dermarolling procedure on woman’s face in the cosmetology office

Derma rollers are very effective in treating any kind of skin issues.

It is one of the greatest skin health and beauty aids accessible nowadays and at a very affordable price. Although there are numerous other treatments that are also equally great, they come with great price so the best option is to stick to derma rollers as it provides equal benefits. The benefits of the derma wheel are countless, What it can do for our skin, and for such a low price it is truly remarkable. It can really do wonders for your skin.

By using derma roller regularly you can get rid of acne scars, discoloration, and aging signs. When you are undergoing this treatment the pricked skin starts the production of collagen to heal these small wounds. The healed skin is a lot firmer, young-looking, and has minimal to no signs of aging or scars.

I can assure you that with the use of derma roller you can have a very positive effect on the skin if used in the right way for the right reasons. The reason why it is considered effective is because of the benefits it brings.

Some of which are:
  • Wrinkles: Derma roller can assist the pores in the skin and fill in wrinkles. By producing new collagen and elastin, the wrinkles appear less.
  • Scars: It stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, which repairs pores and skin irregularities which include scars.
  • Stretch marks: Stretch marks are deep scars that are often natural but can have a huge impact on your self-esteem. By breaking up the damaged skin cells, the body starts the healing process by increasing the production of collagen and elastin. The derma roller offers a simple yet successful stretch mark treatment. It is performed at a fraction of the cost of other cosmetic treatments like laser therapy.
  • Anti-aging: Your body produces less collagen, as you age. That,s why old people tend to have loose and wrinkled skin. Microneedling can make your skin produce more collagen. This new collagen helps to smoothly fill your skin, helping it to appear even, tighter, and firmer.
  • Hair loss: It stimulates the scalp by stimulating blood flow. It helps to generate more hormones required to promote hair and follicle growth and hair size. It additionally boosts the absorption and effectiveness of your topical product along with Rogaine.

Sania has a medical background and she is obsessed in dermarollers. She loves to write and study medical benefits of dermarolling.

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