Can We Apply Oil After Dermarolling?

We all know the wonders of dermarolling and the miracles it does to our skins. But to get most out of your dermarolling session with your dermaroller, it is vital to use the right skincare. Your skin after dermarolling acts like a sponge that absorbs anything put on it. So why not allow your skin to reap the benefits of natural ingredients like never before. Let us find out whether or not we can apply oil after dermarolling? Which facial oils should you be following up your dermarolling treatment with, based on your skin type?

Can We Apply Oil After Dermarolling?

The short answer is yes. In tandem with using your dermaroller, a great aftercare routine is going to make a huge difference in your skin. Beautiful, smooth, radiant skin is the result when you take care of your skin with the appropriate facial oils in your post-dermarolling regimen. You’ll definitely be amazed of how your skin looks and feels from the inside out. 

Best natural facial oils by skin type

Facial oil after dermarolling for sensitive skin

Rosehip Oil:

Rose hip oil is hailed as the “miracle oil” by many beauty enthusiasts. It is loved by the celebrities such as Kate Middleton and Miranda Kerr. People with sensitive skin also tend to love this oil as it’s super gentle and designed not to aggravate sensitivities and skin conditions. It is an essential oil derived from the seeds of the Rosa canina L. plant. Being rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids that do miracles for your skin. It encourages skin to repair and become stronger, makes  skin soft. Research shows that Rosehip is very good at improving the appearance of acne scars, sun damage, stretch marks, pigmentation and wrinkles. It can be used at both day and night because it doesn’t make your skin sensitive.

Facial Oil after dermarolling for all normal skin

 Coconut oil

This miracle oil is already in your kitchen. We all know how amazing coconut oil is, be it for hair lengthening or skin moisturizing-coconut oil will never disappoint you. Coconut oil helps to enhance the moisture content in the skin. It is good for people with normal skin type. Use a tiny amount of coconut oil after microneedling. It should not be used on acne prone skin because it contains saturated fat which can clog pores.

Curelle Cacay Oil

Cacay Oil is the first and only plant oil clinically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles up to 45%; increase hydration up toIf Cacay oil is recommended for people with normal skin. It contains a huge amount of Vitamin A and E. After dermarolling, you can apply this oil. It is the first and only plant oil clinically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles up to 45% and  increase hydration up to 75%. Cacay Oil is rich in nutrients that help the skin to fight the signs of aging. It can restore firmness and elasticity of the skin while hydrating the skin in return.

Facial oil after dermarolling for dry skin

Marula Oil

Referred to as a “luxury” oil, Marula Oil is obtained from the kernels of the fruit of Sclerocarya birrea. It is a lightweight and high in antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and amino acids. Marula oil is good for soothing aftercare in microneedling. It can help reduce the redness and inflammation from the needling procedure. It is best for normal to dry skin and also beneficial for acne-prone, dry, and aging skin.

Grape seed oil

If you have extremely dry skin, we recommend using grape seed oil. It is rich in Vitamin C and E which provides a “shield” to your skin’s natural collagen from free radicals. It.reduces redness, and inflammation caused by the needling procedure. It accelerates the repair of your damaged skin cells.

Green tea oil

It is one of the best oils for moisturizing and anti-aging properties. The polyphenols found in green tea helps to fight thd growth of bacteria and fungi. So you can get moisturizing and disinfection at the same time by applying green tea oil on your skin.

Sania has a medical background and she is obsessed in dermarollers. She loves to write and study medical benefits of dermarolling.

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