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Does Microneedling Work on Older Skin?

Does microneedling work on older skin is the question that might interest many of you. Microneedling is generally a safe and effective method that can help with skin appearance. Also, it will make the skin look younger and healthier. There is a chance even to get rid of wrinkles and other deformations on the skin that are caused by outside factors. You should never solely rely on dermarolling and just take care of your skin daily. Skin is the biggest organ a human has and not taking care of it is just irresponsible. Now we will take a look at different areas that dermarolling might help help you. Hopefully, it will be useful to amateur and experienced people that are dermarolling.

Aging skin

First of all, we should mention that microneedling is a generally safe and very effective method that might also improve the look of the skin. We can not guarantee anything but it can reduce wrinkles and make your skin look younger and slimmer. Microneedling also helps to diminish the scarring that might have occurred previously. No matter the age of the user, microneedling is a solution for better skin conditions. Like mentioned before the skin has to be taken care of daily and dermarolling is just an additional solution for you. A dermaroller has hundreds of tiny needles that are penetrating your skin while using it. This will help to increase the collagen and elastin production and in the end it will results in a better looking skin that is healthy.

Elastin Serum + Microneedling

In order to achieve the best results, you should consider using serums. In this paragraph we will cover elastin serums, which is proven to be an amazing tool for younger-looking skin. This elastin serum is a natural beauty product. It is made from pure plant extract. We believe that this product will help you to regenerate and moisturize skin cells. You should never rely solely on serums, but they are a great addition. If you are looking to increase skin elasticity and anti-wrinkle solution then these serums are exactly what you are looking for. Made from an all-natural pure plant extract and suitable for any skin type including dry and sensitive skin. Serum is suitable for use after every dermarolling session and should be considered. Never use more than needed. Try avoiding anything different than stated on the package.

10% Elastin Serum

Does Microneedling Work on Older Skin?

That is the question we all want an answer to. The short answer is yes – it works on older skin, it works on younger skin and it works on any skin type. Before you start your microneedling session, make sure you have cleaned your skin properly. This helps to avoid infections and other health risks. Of course, the same goes for the equipment you are using during the session. Most important aspect about dermarolling is that you have to keep everything sanitized in order to get great results. If you are ignoring these steps, then you can be sure that you will cause damage to your skin. We are more than sure that this is not what you are looking for. Therefore we would suggest reading our instructions on how to clean your skin and equipment. We want to keep our clients satisfied with our products in order to help you.


Keep your skin in healthy condition with different solutions we can offer you. Avoid misusing the dermarollers as that might result in damaged skin that needs clinical attention. No matter how experienced you are with dermarolling, make sure you are not forgetting how important the cleaning part is. If you are using serums, you have many different serums for different useful benefits. Make sure you choose the one you need the most – using many serums at once will not benefit as much as sticking to one certain serum. Let us all stay safe and clean our equipment and enjoy the benefits that a dermaroller can have on our skin.

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