Better Results With Microneedling Serum

Microneedling serum is not a topic that is very often covered in microneedling themed posts, so we focus our post today on those serums specifically. Those of you, who have the experience of microneelding your skin, know that one important factor of the whole process is using microneedling serum to enhance your skin, feed it with vitamins and minerals to get the best results possible out of microneedling.

What we are going to focus in this post more specifically are microneelding serums. There is no doubt that the variety and selection of serums out there is huge. No doubt that they are all good for your skin, but each has its own specific effect and components. The choice depends all on what kind of result you wish to achieve. Serums are the elixirs to help that result to come true. Serums also gives your skin the needed vitamins to be more elastic and moisturized.

Now more specifically about the serums…

There are serums you can use prior to dermarolling/microneedling, during the process and as part of the post-care.

20% Vitamin Serum

10% C Vitamin Serum is a good choice to use already weeks before the dermarolling process itself. Vitamin C will enhance the collaged formation process inside our cells so you can be sure the collaged production is at its best maximum after microneedling. Of course vitamin C is vital for our bodies in many ways and you can freely use it during microneedling and after as well, but the best for collagen production is to prepare your skin prior to the big day with vitamin C. IT also helps to remove the unpleasant dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum

It is probably one of the best ones to use during microneelding the skin, because it is a great hydration agent. Hyaluronic acid is substance our cells produces anyway. Fun fact about hyaluronic acid is that inside every approximately 70 kg (154 lb.) person has 15 grams of hyaluronic acid inside their organism. Hyaluronic acid in skin is vital for tissue repair. When hyaluronic acid combines with water, it swells filling the dermal space like in wrinkles. In result it makes skin more smooth and those wrinkles are not so apparent. Overall it makes your skin more moisturized and younger looking. So hyaluronic acid is the best choice to use during the procedure.

Elastin Serum

First of all elastin is a very elastic protein, which helps skin as well as other tissues to resume it’s shape after being stretched, poked or pinched. Which means that along with collagen it is responsible for your skin to look and feel more elastic and smoothe. This serum you can use daily and also it is good to use while dermarolling or microneedling, it will maximize your microneelding results. Certainly it will help your skin to be more rejuvenated, improves its elasticity and reduces eye puffness. Furthermore it is suitable for all skin types.

Apple Stem Cell Serum

Probably one of the best anti-aging elixirs is the apple stem cell serum. It also plays an important role to reduce and remove those unwanted wrinkles and rejuvenate, refresh your skin. Stem cells are unspecified cells that can become any type of cells as your body needs. As we get older our skin will have less and less or water, which means that many cells die and as a result our skin becomes wrinkled. To boost production of the new cells and replace the dried and worn out tissues it is a natural way to use stem cells. Every living organism contains stem cells. Our serum has stem cells exctracted from apples so you can be sure it is 100% organic and natural.

These are just some expamples of the serums you can use before, while and after microneedling.

Check out our full selection of different serums here!

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