Burn Scar Treatment Steps With Microneedling At Home

In this post we focus on the burn scar treatment by microneedling. Above all, why should You do it on burn scars and what it exactly does!

Burn scar is a thick tissue of discolored skin that our skin has produced as our organism’s natural healing system. After the skin has been exposed to an intense heat, electricity or chemicals, our skin produces a different type of collagen to create the scar tissue for a fast wound repair. If the burn has been very severe, collagen forms a keloid, which is a smooth and hard scar. It thickens over time, making skin contradict as well around it. Burn scars have certainly been the most difficult types of scars to treat.

How Can Microneedling Help With Burn Scars?

Microneedling is a procedure that can help minimize the pigmentation changes of the scar tissue. As well as the formation and the outlook of the scarring. Microneedling will boost up body’s natural healing mechanism of forming fresh collagen for producing new skin cells. As a result the skin would look more like our natural skin and less like the collagen type in the scar tissue.

Derma Roller Before And After Picture For Scar

Nevertheless be aware that the severity of the scar will finally determine if the scarring will be still visible or not. Even if the microneedling will not help to completely vanish the scars, it will help to make scars look as least visible as possible.

Microneedling For Different Degrees of Burn Scar Treatment

Skin outer layers are divided into epidermis, which is outermost layer, and dermis, which is under epidermis. First degree burn scar affects only epidermis layer and it should disappear completely naturally as well. With the help of microneedling you can boost up the healing mechanism on the first degree burn scarring and as a result the first degree burn scars disappear complete.

Second and third degree burn scars affect also dermis skin layer and more severe burns affect even bones and tendons in addition to epidermis layer. These kind of burns are most likely to cause a permanent scarring that cannot be get rid of that easily. However microneedling is a good way to make those hard thickened scar tissues as close to your own skin tone as possible, as well as microneedling helps to make the scar tissue more smooth and moisturized, making scars much less visible.

Most Burn Scar Treatment Methods Are Invasive

Such severe scars often has disformed skin all around them as well as they can be visually highly displeasing. As a result it can cause a lot of emotional stress and lower the their self-esteem. Moreover when such scars are in areas that are very difficult if not impossible to hide. Most burn scar treatment methods are invasive or surgical, which also can have lots of side-effects and they might not bring the promised results.

Microneedling is a non-invasive, safe and natural method that will cause superficial injury in the epidermis skin layer in order to boost up body’s natural healing mechanisms. As a result it signals the skin to produce fresh newly formed collagen and elastin in the injured area. Therefore that skin area will be more elastic and moisturized, making scar tissues pigment changes close to our skin tone as well as scar tissue will be less thickened and hardened. So the scars will be less visible.

Microneedling Can Be Performed Even On More Delicate Parts

Since microneedling is not an invasive or surgical treatment and the microneedling device, either dermaroller or electric dermapen is a small device, so it can be easily done on even the most delicate parts of the body. Furthermore you can perform it yourself in the comfort of your own home. You can easily find high-quality sterile devices and needles for the procedure easily from our e-store, so there is not actual need of going to a clinic for this procedure.

Microneedling is also not as traumatic for your body and skin like for example intense heat radiation or laser skin therapy treatments. These therapy methods cannot be performed on all of the skin areas. Microneedling has been used for years as anti-aging treatment for the skin. It works the same way for burn scar treatment as well. In other words, smoothing out the scarred areas and evens them out with surrounding skin areas, filling in any skin cavities or fine lines caused by scar tissue. As long as you are using high-quality new and hygienic needles each time of the procedure on a pre-cleaned skin, there will be no risk for post-procedure infections or side-effects.

Most importantly keep in mind to perform microneedling procedure on the scarred tissue, NOT on the fresh wounds.

Needle Size And Other Important Things To Keep In Mind

Needle size for the procedure depends strongly on the severity of the scar. But for second and third degree scarring we strongly suggest you to use 3.0 mm needles for the best results. If the scarring is really light and not severe, smaller needles can be beneficial as well, but smaller needles for a really severe scars will not bring the desired results as it will not reach into most of the scar tissue. Needle size 3.0 mm is enough to break down the abnormal type of scar tissue collagen.

If you are using dermarollers, make sure to use a new dermaroller straight from the package each time of the procedure to prevent any risk of infection. Although if you already know that you want to do microneedling on the scar tissues regularly, then electric dermapen might be worth the investment. It is a device that you can use multiple times, you only have to change the needles for the new ones each time.

Collagen and elastin will keep forming in your skin many months after the procedure. So do not be alarmed if the results are not imminent within the first couple of days. It simply takes time. For best results we advise you to perform this procedure regularly, but not more often then once every 3-4 weeks.

Check out our blog for more step-by-step posts on how to do microneedling at home yourself!

What Serums Should I Use For Burn Scars?

For the best results we advise you to use Vitamin C Serum as a pre-care of the skin. You should use the serum on the skin even up to couple of weeks before the procedure itself. Vitamin C helps along for the new fresh skin collagen formation. During the procedure itself we suggest you to use Hyaluronic Serum. It helps to keel the collagen formation on its maximum level. Along with collagen the hyaluronic acid plays an important role in smoothing out fine lines of the skin.

During the process or part of the post-care of the skin we advise to use Peptide Serums instead of or in addition to Hyaluronic Serum. Peptides are long chains of amino acids that forms proteins. Proteins are building blocks in our skin, like collagen. Peptide serums for the skin also helps to boost up collagen and other necessary protein formation in the skin.

Why Are Serums Necessary?

Burn scars are severe deformations of the skin. Therefore it is vital to keep the skin of those areas moisturized. As well as give the skin necessary nutrients in order to keep the fresh protein production at its maximum level. That is also why we brought out these three basic type of serums in this topic.

Check out here our full selection of different serums and masks for post-procedure skin care.

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