Gosh You Look Good. What Is Your Secret?

Derma Roller Before and After

In this post we are going to tell You more about before and after effects of derma rolling. Have you ever had a friend, colleague or a complete stranger tell you: „Gosh You look so good! What is your secret?“ That surely makes each one of us feel very good about ourselves. Even when You never had that before, just imagine how great it would make you feel. Anyone can feel like that! Derma rolling will help you in this matter for sure. Here is what you can expect before and after using the derma roller.

How Fast Can I See The Results?

This question depends greatly on what kind of needles have You used, what is the length of the needles as well as what kind of serums and masks or creams have You used before, during or after the process. Overall how You take care of Your skin will affect the results. Of course important part plays also if You’ve done dermarolling once or You are performing this procedure on those skin areas repeatedly every 3-4 weeks.

Generally the first results should start to appear 1-2 months after the procedure. It may happen faster, but it may take longer as well, depending on all of the factors listed above. Make sure You don’t set too high expectations, because the results are not imminent, yet they are very effective and long-lasting over time. Normally it takes 6 weeks average to see the results with bare eyes. We suggest You to take before and after pictures to notice even the tiniest results before and after using the derma roller.

Biggest Changes Before And After Dermarolling

Firstly one of the most important and imminent changes is changes in the skin texture. Dermarolling enhances the production of elastin and collagen in Your skin. Both will make Your skin more moisturized and fresh, meaning the texture of the skin will change into more youthful one naturally since it has more nutrients and is moisturized.

Over time, especially if it’s done regularly and repeatedly, collagen and elastin will renew the skin in a way that if smooths out fine lines and fills in skin wrinkles which is caused during aging due to the fact that our skin is less moisturized.

Thirdly the noticeable change is often decolorization of the skin, especially with scars or stretch marks. Even when there is no scars or stretch marks You should be able to see the coloring of the skin change for the better over time. Most commonly it will reduce redness of the skin.

How Does Dermarolling Make You Feel?

Many people fear that derma rolling is too painful. It might look a little displeasing because of the superficial bleeding during the process and it might be causing you discomfort since You are causing lots of micro punctures into Your skin with thin microneedles. There is a way to make it completely painless thought. Make sure You use numbing cream 15-20 minutes before the procedure. Furthermore it insures better results if You do not feel the discomfort during dermarolling process.

The results will definitely make You feel better about Yourself from when You first start to notice all the small changes. We strongly advice You to take a selfie at least every 3-4 weeks, but couple days before or after doing dermarolling on the skin to see all the tiniest changes that take place. Some redness of the skin right after the procedure is natural and necessary but it should pass within 1-2 days.

Smoother skin, better complexion and much less apparent scars or fine lines definitely will make You more confident about Your looks. Used to wear heavy make up to cover up all those little imperfections? Now You don’t have to! Now You can make Your skin look so much better naturally and really bring that natural beauty of Your skin out for all the world to see.

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