Are Face Roller Treatment Results Permanent?

Safe and natural way to induce your face skin with new collagen, making the skin look younger and smoother is using a face roller. This treatment is to use a small roller, that has lots and lots of tiny fine needles on it, on the skin of your face. Fine needles puncture your skin, making your skin starting to produce more collagen in those skin areas. It might not sound so appealing but it is a safe way to use our body’s own ability to produce collagen in the skin treatment, making acne scars, pigmentation spots or fine lines disappear on our face, making us look younger.

Big question is though, are those wonderful results permanent or how long will they last?

Skin After-Care Is Very Important

Doing the face roller treatment properly alone will not help keeping the results permanent. Very important part also plays after-care of the affected skin. Up to couple of days after the treatment the performed skin will be more sensitive than usual and might even have some redness, that should pass within couple of days.

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Nevertheless, during that period it is crucial to properly care of the skin. During those first days it is crucial that your skin wouldn’t get a direct sunlight, which means that whenever you go out to the sun, wear a protective sunscreen. One very important part is also to keep the skin of your face moisturized to help it recover. All that plays important role in keeping the results permanent and getting maximum results out of your treatment.

Regular Treatments Helps To Keep The Results Permanent

Skin is a living breathing tissue, which means that no one-time skin treatment lasts forever. Our skin is changing all the time as we change and age in time. But there is still a way to keep the face rolling treatment results more-or-less permanent. It all comes down to what are you targeting with your treatment.

If you are targeting to smooth out wrinkles and fine lines then of course as you get older, in time wrinkles and fine lines will return, but dermarolling helps to slow these processes down in order to make our skin look younger and fresher. Nevertheless, if you are targeting hyperpigmentation spots or scars, then those results can and will be permanent with the right treatment.

One of the key elements of treating your face correctly with derma roller is to do it regularly every 3-4 weeks to keep the collagen formation at its maximum speed. Collagen formation in skin takes time and regular treatment helps your skin to maximize the long-lasting results.

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