Can Derma Rollers Leave Holes in your Face? Yay or Nay!

So you want to try out derma roller, don’t you? But you are afraid that it may leave holes in your face! Definitely, a nay for you, isn’t it?

But do you know that there is an underlying principle why it works that way? It does not leave holes out on purpose, there’s actually a very good reason why it leaves holes in the face, so let’s figure out.


Why Derma Rolling Leave Holes?

When you roll, the derma roller device leaves holes in your skin. The derma rollers needle size can be around 0.5 mm to 1.5 mm. While rolling, the micro needles pierce the stratum corneum which creates holes that serves as micro conduits. Don’t worry the holes do not damage the epidermis.

In fact, studies have shown that rolling 192 micro needles of derma roller with 200 µm length and 70 µm diameters on the target skin for over 15 times will result to 250 holes/ cm2. The creation of skin holes play a significant role because it induces the release of growth factors which stimulates the production of natural or new collagen and elastin located in the papillary dermis.

More so, new capillaries are produced from the neocollagenesis and neovascularization following the treatment that leads to the reduction of scars. This procedure is known as percutaneous collagen induction therapy which is the principle used in photo aging treatment.

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Holes Are Not Permanent

There are two main purpose of creating micro channel or holes; first, it induces the production of new collagen and elastin and second, it serves as a channel for topical agents like anti-aging creams and serums. When you roll, it may create a pinpoint bleeding which serves as micro injury to the skin that will promote the release of growth factors. At the end, you will have newer and stronger skin cells.

It will also serve as a channel to enhance the effect of various topical agents. The holes increase the faster absorption of these agents which will exert more therapeutic effects.

Nonetheless, these holes are transient and will close spontaneously after few seconds. The holes will not be opened for a long time because micro needles create very small holes only. More so the pinpoint bleeding can be easily controlled.


What you can Do to Avoid having Holes in the Face?

There are many probable reasons why there is a hole in your face after derma rolling therapy. Here are some tips on how to avoid having holes?

  1. Use the appropriate micro needle size for your skin. One of the common mistakes that people make when using the derma roller does not know the right size of needle for a certain part in the skin.  Take note that thinner skin area requires shorter needle size while thicker skin area like hypertrophic scars and burns need longer needle size. If you choose the wrong needle size, there is a higher chance to leave holes and or scars in the face.


  1. Not following the skin lines. Your skin is composed of certain skin lines, which serves as a marker for dermatologist and plastic surgeons. They follow the skin lines when performing any procedure to make sure that it will not leave scars and for a better appearance of the skin.  When you follow the skin lines, there is a lesser chance that you will have any unnecessary skin marks or holes on the face. So the key point here is when you move the derma roller device in different directions whether oblique, horizontal or transverse, make sure that you are following the skin lines.


  1. Unsanitize derma rolling area. Make sure that when you perform your derma rolling therapy, your working area is clean and sanitize. This will prevent any harmful bacteria to gain entry to your skin while rolling. If you introduce any bad bacteria in the skin because of poor hygiene, it will prolong the recovery phase of the skin.  Instead of allowing your skin to heal and close spontaneously, it may further aggravate the skin’s condition.


  1. Using Low quality product. Take note that finding the right product also plays a role in the success of the derma rolling treatment. When you are rolling make sure that you invest on high quality product which is made from quality materials. By doing so, you will be assured that the micro needles will not break into your skin while rolling. Needle breakage may serve as a good entry point for harmful bacteria to proliferate in the skin. If you want to have a smooth derma rolling session, make sure that your rollers are in good condition.

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Don’t Believe in Quick Fix!

You have to take note that complete skin healing doesn’t happen overnight. You need to understand that the skin grows for weeks or even months, depending on your skin condition.  If you have a healthier skin, you will have faster recovery time. But if you have other co-morbidities, the healing process may take time.

If you happen to feel impatient because for days or weeks, nothing is happening, think again. You need to remember, that you need to have a couple of sessions preferably at least two to three weeks interval, before you can see the result.

Do not believe in quick fix! Your skin will not look at its best just for one night. You need to give it time to heal properly.


Fairer Skin?! Yay or Nay!

You need to have a continuous derma rolling therapy for you to see the visible results. It may take longer depending on how fast your skin recovered. It is very important that you take good care of your skin, so the healing process will be faster.

Make sure that you eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, and take essential supplements to keep you healthier. You also need to have regular exercise to maintain a fit body. Derma rolling therapy does not promise a quick fix but it promotes permanent and long-term effects with continued and regular use of derma rollers and other recommended topical agents that enhance its therapeutic effect.


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