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Derma Rolling at Home

Derma Rolling at Home. When it comes to skincare, we are constantly trying out new ways in the name of smoother, clearer and younger-looking skin-even if it involves pricking your skin with hundreds of tiny needles. Microneedling or dermarolling is a pretty popular procedure that usually dermatologist or aestheticians perform to promote skin rejuvenation, improve […]

How Calcium Combined with Ascorbic Acid and Microneedling Can Treat Stretch Marks?

Some individuals suffer negative psychological impact because of stretch marks. There are several methods available used to treat stretch marks but there is lacking of high quality evidence supporting its use. In here, you will learn the combined therapy of calcium, ascorbic acid and microneedling in managing stretch marks. Injections of diluted calcium hydroxylapatite filler […]

Microneedling for Vaccine Delivery

Many decades ago, the use of microneedling was conceptualized for the purpose of drug delivery. In the mid-1990’s, it became a subject of significant research when the microfabrication technology enabled the manufacture of solid microneedles as skin pre-treatment to increase permeability in the skin. Microneedles were coated with drugs that dissolve off in the skin. […]

Side Effects of Dermarollers and How You can Prevent it?

Dermarolling therapy is one of the most popular treatments in the dermatologic and cosmetic clinics. One of its highlight is – it’s relatively cheap compared with other treatment modalities, it is safe and effective, and it has minimal downtime. Similar with other medications and treatments, it also has some side-effects. So, what are the side-effects […]

Microneedles and Transdermal Drug Delivery: A Dynamic Duo

One of the major uses of microneedles is transdermal drug delivery.  But the success of this route has severely limited by the inability of some medications to enter the skin at a therapeutically useful rate. Just recently, there is an increasing use of micron-scale needles in increasing the skin permeability.  It has been shown that […]

How Dermarolling Improved Flap and Graft Survival?

Skin needling is used commonly for cosmetic rejuvenation and for treating acne scars. However, it is also provides tremendous benefit in treating burn scars, varicella scars, acne, keloid, periorbital melanosis, alopecia, and enhanced transdermal delivery of topical products. Another interesting application of dermarolling therapy is that is has proven to be effective in flap and […]

Why Dermaroller is the “New Thing” in Cosmetic Rejuvenation?

Medical cosmetic is continuously rising nowadays. People are becoming aware and accepting on the possibilities of improving their appearance through cosmetic surgery, laser therapies, cryoablation, and many other newer treatment modalities. Microneedling or dermarolling therapy is one of the emerging techniques in the cosmetic era. There are more research, clinical trials and case study done […]

How Microneedling Enhance Transdermal Delivery of Tissue Optical Clearing Agent?

Microneedling, sonophoresis, sandpaper and laser ablation have been widely studied in enhancing the transdermal delivery of optical clearing agents. A recent study has shown that microneedling method is an effective procedure to effectively enhance the permeability of topical clearing agent through the skin barrier. The tissue turbidity limits the depth penetration of light and the […]

Can Dermarolling Relieve Periorbital Melanosis? Is Dermarolling Therapy a Good Treatment Option?

Do you have periorbital melanosis or presence of dark circles around the eyes? It is a commonly encountered condition. It is also popularly known in other terms such as periocular hyperpigmentation, dark circkes, infraorbital darkening, idiopathic cutaneous hyperchromia or infraorbital discoloration. Most dermatologists would agree that they commonly encountered this condition in their clinical practice. […]

Is Dermarolling In Any Way Carcinogenic?

Can demarolling cause cancer? Or is there any way that dermarolling treatment can induce the formation of cancer? Let’s take a look first on the dermarolling process, how it works, including the pros and cons. You will also be able to look into if there’s any possible way that it can cause cancer. Most promising […]