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Effects of Respiratory Infection in Derma rolling: What to Do if you Catch Common Colds while Having Derma Rolling Therapy?

Can you continue with your derma rolling therapy appointment if you catch common cold a day or two before the treatment?  Does it have any effect on the treatment outcome? Colds are mild and common upper respiratory infection which affects the nose, sinuses and throat. Almost everyone is prone to get colds once or twice […]

The Road to Beautiful and Younger Looking Skin: Morning or Night? When is the Best Time to Use Skin Needling?

Does the time of the day affect the effectiveness of dermarolling therapy?  Is there any difference when you have your dermarolling session in the morning or at night time? Well, this are some of the interesting questions users ask when they plan to have a skin needling therapy. Night time dermarolling benefits Long-term users of […]

Diet and Dermarolling Therapy: Is there Any Food that you Should Not Eat While Having Dermarolling Therapy?!

If you are new into dermarolling therapy, there are many questions that you have in mind. Probably, one of them would be – if there are there any foods that you shouldn’t eat while having dermarolling therapy? This is a very interesting question though, knowing that food plays very important role in the occurrence of […]

Five Must Try Tips in Finding the Best Dermarollers

When you browse your social media accounts, you may see a lot of advertisement about dermarollers lately. It is indeed one of the popular and most talked about dermatologic treatment nowadays. If you are considering the do-it-yourself dermarolling treatment session, then this is for you! One of the difficulties of choosing a do-it-yourself dermarolling therapy […]

Attention: New serum bottles!

Dear customers, We are glad to inform you, that our serums get handsome new looks! Soon you can have your favorite serums in different packaging, but don’t be alarmed about the content. The content of serums will be the same. New bottles arrive  for EGF Serum, Blue Copper Polypeptide Serum, Acetyl Hexapeptide Serum, Fruit-Mix Acid […]