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How to Prevent Infection when Using Dermarollers?

When using a homecare dermaroller or having a dermarolling therapy in a clinic – you should always keep in mind that you need to follow some protective measures to avoid the spread of infection. Infection happens when bacteria or virus and any other pathogenic microorganisms gain entry into your body and defeat your immune defenses. […]

Is Microneedling Effective for Alopecia or Hair Loss? What are the Updates on Hair Loss Treatment?

Your hair is your crowning glory. Your hairstyle makes you look different depending on certain occasions. If you are attending a formal event, your hair helps accentuate your overall look. But if something goes wrong with your hair, it can easily be notice because it a visible part of your body. Alopecia is a kind […]

Troubled with Stretch Marks After Giving Birth? How Microneedling Helps Reduce Stretch Marks or Visible Striae?

Giving birth is one of the most rewarding and painful experience for any women. It is also a challenging experience because you are now starting a new chapter of your family life. But apart from the hurdles of motherhood, one of the visible marks that you get after pregnancy is having a stretch mark. Although, […]

Dermarolling Therapy for Asian Skin: A Low Cost Yet Effective Treatment you Should Never Miss!

Is Dermarolling Therapy effective for Asian Skin type? Will it be able to reduce or remove any post-acne scarring, wrinkles, pigmentations and other conditions of the skin? Does an ethnic skin cause some limitations on the success of the treatment? Over the years, newer dermatologic treatment modalities emerge to treat various skin conditions and one […]

What to do when the Needle Broke in Your Skin? Must Know Helpful Tips Before You start using Dermastamps!

Your best friend may have told you something about dermastamp.  And you are considering trying it. If you want to know if dermastamp are safe to use, you come into the right page. In here, you will learn more about dermastamp: What is Dermastamp? How to choose the right needle size for dermastamp? Why Dermastamps […]