How to Do Away with Acne Scars Using Dermarollers?

Having some acne problems? Are you not confident going out in public because of your post acne scars? If you feel this way, you may be one of the many people who slowly lose their self-esteem because of their acne scars.

But did you know that you can do away with your acne scars using dermarollers? The good thing about dermaroller compared with other conventional treatment is that it is fast, less expensive and has minimal side effects.  More so, you will see visible results in few weeks after undergoing series of treatment.

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How bad can acne scars go?

Acne scars are prevalent cosmetic problem. It can significantly impact a person’s quality of life.[1] Even dermatologist has some dilemmas in treating acne scars problem.

Acne is common among young people; in fact around 80% are affected in the younger population and five percent in older adults.[2] Severe forms of acne can induce a severe inflammatory response that may even penetrate deep into the dermis. Any lesion that penetrates deep into the dermis causes scarring.

There are many treatments and surgical methods that are used to remove post-acne scarring.  These traditional methods have shown promising results in removing acne scars but these treatments are also very expensive. More so, it is also equated with some unfavorable side-effects.

This is why dermarollers is now becoming a popular alternative option among people having post-acne scarring. As compared with the traditional treatment, it is a lot cheaper.  It is also very simple and easy-to-use, that is why a lot of people are attracted to this new treatment modality.


So how does dermaroller work in removing acne?

If you opt to go in a dermatologist clinic, for the dermarolling therapy, the entire procedure may take around two hours. It is a simple office based procedure.3 You can go home immediately after the procedure.

First, the area to be treated is anesthetized using a lidocaine solution. Usually, the entire procedure would take around 45 minutes to one hour. 3 Then after, preparing the area to be treated, the medical dermaroller which is used only once per patient, is rolled into the area for fifteen times. The directions may be horizontal, vertical and oblique.

As the dermarollers is used, a pinpoint petechiae or minute wounds appear which is easily controlled. After the treatment, the area is wet with saline pads. The actual dermarolling procedure takes only 15 to 20 minutes. It just become almost two hours because of the skin preparation for anesthesia and it also depends on the area to be treated.

Generally, you have to wait for six weeks before another session of dermarolling therapy.  You need to give an interval for the next treatment to allow your skin to heal completely. You have to wait for the natural collagen formation for long-term results.

For treating moderate to severe acne scars, you may need at least three to four treatments before you can see the visible results. After the therapy, make sure that you don’t expose your skin under the heat of the sun, or go out in places with too much dirt, smoke and other substances that may expose your skin to infectious agent. Anyhow, you can return to your normal activities, a day after the treatment.

How about home-care dermarollers?  How you can effectively used it to remove post-acne scars?

Aside from the medical dermaroller therapy, there are also available home-care dermarollers. There are available dermarollers with 0.20 mm length which is also equally effective in delivering topical serums and solution into the skin. There are many anti-acne serums and creams available that you can use together with dermarolling therapy.

You may use it twice a week or for how many times you like, as long as you disinfect it every after use to prevent infection. It is much better if you cleaned it with hot tap water or used peptide based cleaners.


Is dermaroller really effective in removing post acne scarring?

Dermarolling therapy is a simple, easy-to-use, inexpensive and effective treatment modality in treating post-acne scarring. It is a very effective procedure because it keeps the integrity of the epidermis.  More so, dermarolling therapy is a minimally invasive procedure which is used for skin rejuvenation, scar remodeling and skin tightening. It enhances the epidermal and dermal lining without damaging the epidermis. This is a favorable advantage of the procedure because it maintains an intact epidermis even if it induces pinpoint hemorrhages.

This decreases the potential risks and negative side effects caused by traditional treatment modalities. Although, the results of the procedure may be visible after few weeks to months, the effect is long-term. As you know, the healing process of the skin doesn’t happen overnight, you really have to wait for some time before you can see the actual results.

If you want to do away with your acne scars, dermarolling therapy is an effective solution.  You can also use topical serums for a more fast and effective results.



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