What Are The Benefits Of Derma Roller?

If rolling tiny needles on your face sounds terrifying, let us ease your hesitations once and for all. Microneedling, is no doubt the multi-tasking beauty treatment that can change the way your skin looks forever! Since Angelina Jolie got this treatment, it has become more mainstream. The beauty world has gone wild over the beauty tool called dermaroller. It is an inexpensive, easy, and quick way to target everything from blemishes and dull skin to acne scarring, stretch marks, and even hair loss. So what are all the benefits of derma roller, let us find out.

What is a Derma-roller?

A Derma-roller is the skin needling device used to perform Derma-rolling or microneedling. It features a cylindrical body at the top attached to a long handle. The body is covered with little needles that individually prick the surface of the skin. There are many different types of derma rollers that have slightly different uses but work like the same. Derma rollers also vary depending on what the needles are made up of. Most of them are usually made up of either stainless or titanium.  


Now many people will think about what it feels like to use a derma roller. Well, despite the fact you are literally rolling needles on top of your skin, it’s a lot less painful than you’d think. The needles are very fine and thin which means you’ll barely feel it at all. What you will experience will be the redness or slight discomfort, just like a mild sunburn. But with longer needles, you need to apply a numbing cream before because you are going to feel the pain.

Benefits Of Derma roller:

Derma rolling has a handful of benefits to the skin. You will start seeing the benefits right from the first session of microneedling. Here are some of the most common benefits of using a derma roller.

Anti Aging:

Our skin ages, as we age. And the common signs of aging include wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, puffy eyes, and saggy neck. These signs appear because when we get old, the ability of your skin to produce collagen reduces.  Of course, this is a natural phenomenon but it can be slowed down. Microneedling will get the job done. As it helps to increase blood flow and the overdrive production of collagen, it reduces the appearance of aging and tightens the skin.

Treats Hyperpigmentation:

Hyperpigmentation results from the unnecessary production or release of melanin. It could be due to sun exposure, acne scars, and or some other factors. A derma roller helps to break down the old hyperpigmented skin cells and the body produces new cells in response to damage.

Product absorption:

Dermaroller creates thousands of microchannels on the skin which encourages a quick and deeper absorption of topical skincare products.

Reduces The Appearance Of Stretch Marks:

Stretch marks occur when the skin rapidly changes shape due to rapid growth in the body which happens in pregnancy, rapid weight gain, or just the natural growth spurt in puberty. The extension in the skin beyond its elastic capacity causes the formation of streaks, stripes, or lines. Microneedling punctures the skin and breaks down collagen. The body’s repair process is stimulated immediately. New collagen is produced which fills in the broken dermal layer. Derma roller definitely reduces the appearance of stretch marks.

Scar reduction: 

Derma rollers are great for reducing scars caused by acne or by any other means. The needling process breaks down any scar tissue and increases the production of collagen to fill in damaged skin.  

Boost Hair Growth:

Doing microneedling on the scalp increases blood circulation, which carries all the growth-promoting hormones and essential nutrients along with it. And it will also stimulate collagen production in the skin. Therefore, all of these processes in turn helps with new hair growth. Also, you can use a topical hair growth-promoting product to aid the hair growth process because micro needling creates thousands of channels on the scalp which encourages the absorption of topical hair care products, like oils and serums.

Sania has a medical background and she is obsessed in dermarollers. She loves to write and study medical benefits of dermarolling.

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