Microneedling Benefits

Microneedling Benefits

Now, these questions would arise in every mind that, Is micro needling effective or what are the Microneedling Benefits?

You may ask – Doesn’t microneelding make your skin look worse than treating it? So, how come injuring your skin can make it look good, but let me assure you it truly helps in reviving your skin and make it look younger. Now, you might be wondering how Derma Roller that is used for microneedling, looks like, let’s see.

What is Microneedling?

Microneedling revolves around the concept that only from the inner you can be cured. It is cosmetic procedure that involves using a rolling device with needles to puncture thousands of tiny holes into the skin and causing small injuries. It is most popularly used on the face to reduce wrinkles, acne scars, pores, sun spots, and to elevate the overall texture of the skin. What it does that it boosts the production of collagen in your skin to make it look firmer. It may take 4-6 weeks to show it’s the best result so don’t be tensed if you’re skin isn’t glowing up instantly.

Microneedling Benefits

1: It diminishes the effect of acne scars

As you have known by now that micro-needling produces new rich collagen and collagen is a very potent connecting tissue for skin, so you can expect it work for acne scars. Numerous researches say that through micro-needling the depth of the scars can be reduced.

2: It helps in reducing wrinkles

When you are going through this procedure your skin makes more collagen to heal those wounds. This new collagen helps to smoothly fill your skin, helping it to appear even and firmer.

3: It destroys Sun/Age spots

The primary purpose of undergoing this procedure is the production of collagen, because it plumps the skin, makes it look thicker and firmer. The skin pigment that is melanin is also broken up by the tiny needles which is then absorbed by the body. Micro needling can also help in the reduction of age spots (the built-up of melanin) which were previously present in your skin.

4:Reduces visible signs of Aging

Microneedling Benefits
Microneedling Benefits

As micro-needling has proven to be very effective and powerful against wrinkles and fine lines, it is also worth trying to stops the early signs of aging. After going through this procedure you can feel your skin glowing, of course, you have to use antioxidant serums to prolong its effects. In addition to this, the professionals who perform micro-needling can use it to inject medication into the patient’s skin.

5: Reduces the appearance of stretch marks

Stretch marks are deep scars that are often natural but can have a huge impact on your self-esteem, especially in visible areas like arms, legs etc. By reaking up the damaged skin cells, body starts the healing process by increasing the production of collagen and elastin. The derma roller offers a simple yet successful stretch mark treatment at a fraction of the cost of other cosmetic treatments like laser therapy.

Sania has a medical background and she is obsessed in dermarollers. She loves to write and study medical benefits of dermarolling.

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