20 Reasons Why You Should Try Dermarollers?

Dermarolling has become a medical breakthrough last 2015 because it works by inducing the skin to produce new collagen without damaging the entire skin. Unlike chemical peeling for example where the superficial layers are destroyed to produce newer skin cells. More so, the downtime of chemical peeling is definitely much longer than dermarolling therapy.

Another factor that makes this a popular treatment is the cost. For $30, you can perform the treatment and see the visible results in just a few weeks. There are also fewer side effects as compared with the conventional treatment.

If you are still contemplating whether to use dermarollers or not, here are the 20 reasons why you should consider dermarolling therapy.

dermarolling positive impact

1.      Effective in Stimulating Collagen Production in a Natural Way

Dermarolling therapy is an effective procedure in stimulating collagen production in a natural process. It does not alter or destroy the skin to allow the natural healing and repair process of the skin. By stimulating the collagen production, newer skin cells are produce which makes the skin look younger and firmer.
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2.      Helps Reduce Wrinkles, Fine lines and other Visible Signs of Aging

Say goodbye to fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging! This treatment works by stimulating collagen production which in turn produces new collagen that acts as fillers. This in turn helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines by improving the appearance of the skin.
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3.      Reduce acne scars

A lot of dermatologists are using dermarolling treatment to reduce acne scars. Some people with acne usually develop acne scars. The scarring alters the normal collagen of the skin. Through, the stimulation of the repair process of the skin, post acne scarring are eliminated.
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4.      Removes stretch marks

Stretch marks occur because of rapid stretching of the skin. As compared with other type of scars, stretch marks are tougher to remove. A lot of people reported a successful treatment in dermarolling therapy in removing stretch marks, but there is a need several dermarolling sessions to see the results.
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5.      Helps Keep the skin Look Younger

Reducing the scars and marks in the body helps improve the appearance of the skin making it look firmer and younger than before. Dermarolling therapy helps in the faster absorption of topical anti aging creams boosting its concentration in the skin, thereby protecting the skin against aging.
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6.      Reduce Hyperpigmentation

Prolong exposure to sunlight, acne, wounds and other causes of abnormal production of melanocytes may trigger hyperpigmentation. It occurs among dark-skinned individuals. Dermarolling therapy helps reduce hyperpigmentation by stimulating the superficial skin layer to produce normal melanocytes. It also helps boost the absorption of skin lightening creams making the effects more effective and faster.

dermarolling benefits

7.      Removes Age Spots

As you age, you develop age spots which makes your skin look dull and older. Dermarolling therapy works by reducing age spots so your skin will restore its natural glow.

8.      Helps in Treating Rosacea

Rosacea is a skin problem where the skin produces facial redness that may lead to breakdown of collagen. Extremes of temperature, beverages, sunlight and some foods may trigger Rosacea. Dermarolling therapy can help in treating Rosacea by stimulating more collagen production. But if you have pustular or nodular Rosacea, dermarolling therapy is not advice.

9.      Reduce Enlarge or Large Pores

Dermarolling therapy helps reduce large pores which are commonly seen on the nose and cheeks. It works by thickening the epidermal layer through increase production of collagen. A dermarolling therapy with 0.25 mm needle size is generally recommended because it is suited for daily use. Take note that the superficial layer of the skin sheds approximately after 30 days, so this may counteract the effects of dermarolling therapy.
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10.  Help Prevent Hair Loss or Baldness

The dermarolling therapy can help prevent hair loss or alopecia. It stimulates the growth factors to promote hair growth, thicker hair and increase the size of follicles.
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11.  Effective Skin Care Treatment for Lesser Price!

As compared with chemical peeling and other skin care treatment, dermarolling therapy is considered as the cheapest. With $30, you can already perform the treatment because you only need the hand-held device. You may also add serums and other creams to boost the effects of the treatment.

12.  Lesser Side Effects

Dermarolling therapy has fewer side effects as compared with other treatment modalities. It doesn’t cause hypo or hyperpigmentation unlike other treatment.  It may induce mild to moderate skin bleeding depending on the severity of your skin’s condition.

dermarolling 20 benefits

13.  Lesser Downtime

After dermarolling session, you may rest your skin for 24 hours and then you can go back to your regular activity the following day. Unlike other conventional treatment where it may take few days or weeks because you can go back to the usual daily living activities.

14.  Generally Safe to Use

This therapy works by stimulating the natural process of the skin. It only creates micro injury which resolves spontaneously. Thus, it does not destroy the normal skin.  It may take few days or weeks before you can see visible result but the effects are long-term.

15.  Permanent Results

The results of dermarolling therapy are permanent and for long-term basis. The entire process may seem slow because the skin’s renewal of new collagen usually take weeks. You may see the visible results after several sessions of dermarolling treatment.

16.  Lesser Pain

As compared with other skin care treatment, dermarolling is the least painful minimally invasive procedures. The users reported that they experience mild to moderate pain after dermarolling.

17.  Faster Recovery Time

Dermarolling therapy allows you to get back to your daily living activities within 24 hours after the treatment. You don’t have to leave at work for days because it resolves spontaneously.

18.  Helps Make Skin Look Younger

After few dermarolling session, you will observe an improve appearance of your skin.  Dermarolling therapy helps makes the skin look firmer and younger than before.

19.  Readily Available

The dermarolling device is readily available. There are wide selections of device to choose from depending on your need. There are many different kinds of products that suit your requirements.

20.  Can be Reused, so you can Help Protect the Environment

Do-it-yourself dermarollers can be reuse for a number of times as long as the needles are intact and you regularly sanitize the dermaroller. This is a good environmental practice because in one way or another you help in the protection of Mother Earth

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