Men Issues: Can Dermarolling Stimulate Beard Growth?

Do you notice an abnormal hair growth of your facial hairs? Aside from the scalp, you can also have some form of hair loss on the beard area. This can be quite distressing for some men who are fond of growing their facial hairs or they have a beard.

Well, most men are curious whether dermarolling device has a role on beard growth stimulation. Theoretically, it has a role in stimulating hair growth if it is also coupled with minoxidil treatment. The treatment for facial hairs has also similar outcomes with the treatment of hair loss on the scalp areas.

How Dermarolling Can Help Stimulate Hair Growth?


Dermarolling or microneedling device is commonly used in wide array of application. For some they used dermarolling treatment for facial rejuvenation, to remove wrinkles, fine lines, stretch marks and other stuff as well. It is also commonly used to reduce post acne scars, Rosacea and alopecia or hair loss.

It is interesting to note that dermarolling therapy is popular on both genders. It is not only the women who are fond of using dermarolling therapy but the men, as well. Males who have problems in the normal growth of their beards can use dermarolling therapy to induce hair growth.

The principle on how dermarolling therapy works is relatively simple. The dermarolling therapy uses a dermaroller device which is a hand-held device with cylindrical shape rollers stuffed with microneedles. It is used to puncture the skin to create micro injury.

The body will then recognize it as an injury which will trigger the repair and healing processes. It will stimulate the different repair pathways that will induce the growth factors which will stimulate the production of elastin and collagen.

It will also helps improves the circulation which allows the effective delivery of the collagen, elastin and keratin on the damaged areas. The elastin and collagen are necessary components of the facial hair. If there is an improve circulation naturally it will also result to a natural growth of the beard.

A lot of men who have tried dermarolling therapy reported that they had an improved facial and scalp hair. And some even mentioned that the results further improved upon application of Minoxidil solution. 

How to use dermarollers on the beard area?


When using dermarollers on the beard area, you need first to know the size of the microneedle.  Generally, a 0.5 mm microneedle is recommended. It is also better if you can find dermarollers that are made of titanium rather than stainless steel. Titanium are said to be more durable than the stainless steel.

A 0.5 mm microneedle is ideal for better absorption of topical solutions. The skin of the face is not that very thick so using a microneedle of 0.5 mm to 1mm is enough to do the trick. This length is just right to penetrate deep into the hair follicle which can stimulate collagen and keratin production and for improved blood circulation.

Doing the microneedling or dermarolling process is very easy. It does not require extensive training to perform the trick perfectly.  Before starting, make sure that you sterilize the device to prevent unnecessary infection. You can use the dermaroller device to the facial area for at least one to two times a week. You can roll it into the face in several directions. You can move in horizontal, vertical and oblique directions.

How to Use Dermarolling Therapy together with Minoxidil Solution?

If you are going to use Minoxidil solution together with the dermarolling therapy, you need to wait for at least 12 hours while others recommend 24 hours before applying the solution to prevent the absorption of the topical agent on the systemic circulation which may happen because of the increased blood flow. Some people assume that Dermarolling is used to absorb the minoxidil solution but it does not work that way.

Ideally, the minoxidil solution should be absorbed on its own rate on the top of the skin.  It is not meant to go to systemic circulation. If it reaches your bloodstream it may cause amplication of side effects.  Worst, you may get more body hairs than what you actually need. Take note that Minoxidil works by inhibiting the collagen production, so when you look at it, it is the opposite of you want to do.

How often will you have to use dermarolling therapy to grow the beard area?

If you are using a 0.5 mm microneedle, you may perform dermarolling therapy for one to two times a week.  If it is your first time to use the microneedle, it is okay if you can cover a minimal area first. This will help you to get to used to the treatment first, as your body learns to adjust to the therapy.

You may perform the do-it-yourself dermarolling therapy every three days so it would be two times a week. But you have to keep in mind, that it is not the quantity of dermarolling therapy that matters.  You have to make sure that your skin is able to recover and heal itself first after the therapy before you initiate a new dermarolling session.

If you overdo the dermarolling therapy, you may damage the skin which may cause an adverse effect.  It is interesting to note that men heal faster than women. So you may not experience that much side effect such as mild to moderate bleeding, redness, and or slight inflammation after using the treatment.

Do you have to shave your facial hair or beard before performing dermarolling therapy?

It is best if you shave your facial hair first or the beard area before you does the skin needling therapy. If you don’t shave, you may accidently tag the hair while rolling which may cause an inflammation. It is also easier to move the device if the area is clean.

You also need to make sure that the micro needles are able to penetrate deep into the skin layer.  If you have some hairs on the area, it may obstruct or block the area where you are performing microneedling.

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