Skin Needling Acne Scars

If you really desire to have fresh, healthy, and young-looking skin, you may be willing to try as many different products and treatments as possible. That means choosing from among the thousands of facial care and beauty products in the market today, spending large sums of money, and possibly risking the aggravation of your current skin condition.

Taking this hit-and-miss approach can be truly frightening, especially if you don’t have enough information about the product or treatment that you want to test. You will have to conduct a bit of research on your own to find out if the product or treatment you’re eyeing will have no adverse side effects on your skin.

The best way to go about this is to know exactly what skin problem you want to address, and then to look for products that will specifically target your concern. This way, you can immediately assess the results and determine whether you should buy that second bottle of the product or look for a more suitable alternative.

Acne marks and scars

Most people with very oily skin develop acne at some point in their lives. Scientifically known as acne vulgaris, this skin condition is most common during puberty, but may stay on till adulthood. People from all walks of life, races, and ages can be affected by acne.

Most people will develop only mild acne, but for those who experience violent breakouts that last for weeks, acne can be a truly distressing problem. And while it is not a dangerous or contagious disease, but it can leave behind ugly marks on the face, neck, back, shoulders, and chest. The unsightly pockmarks can chip away at a person’s confidence, especially for the ladies.

Treating acne safely and effectively

In most cases, over the counter medications should be sufficient to address acne and prevent future breakouts. For people who are suffering from severe acne, however, it is recommended to see the dermatologist for effective and long-lasting treatment.

But if your acne phase is already finished and all that you are left with are the bumps and scars left behind by the disease, it’s time that you do something to even out your skin’s texture and bring it back to its former beautiful state. What you want to do is to stimulate natural skin regeneration and help your skin heal itself from within. This is where derma roller comes in handy

Acne Scars Types


Ice pick scarring

This common type of scaring is usually deep, very narrow and extends into the dermis. The skin surface looks as though it has been pierced by an ice pick- hence the name. Some ice pick scars are large in size and often look similar to an open pore.

Boxcar scarring

Boxcar scars are usually rounded or oval shaped depressions in the skin with steep vertical sides. This type of scarring is also very common in acne scarring sufferers. Much wider than the ice pick, they resemble the scars left by chicken pox and are usually found on the cheek area.

Rolling scarring

Rolling or “wave-like” undulations across otherwise normal-looking skin is caused by damage under the skin’s surface. These scars tend to be wide and shallow in appearance.

Hypertrophic scarring (Keloid scars)

Hypertrophic scars are raised from the skins surface and firm in texture. These types of scars are commonly found on the back or chest area of the body but can also appear on the face and neck. Hypertrophic scars usually reduce in size over time. Keloid scarring is a form of Hypertrophic scarring. This is the only type of scars that are NOT SUITABLE for skin needling acne scars treatments.

Skin needling acne scars

Acne scars removing with dermaroller is effective treatment for all ice pick, boxcar & rolling scarring, don’t try dermaroller on keloid scars.  But skin needling acne scars is actually not really “removing” your acne marks; rather, you’re helping your skin to fill up those craters and pits that the acne created on the skin surface.

The Derma Roller can be a big help towards restoring your skin’s even texture and youthful glow. Skin needling or micro-needling technology has been recognized as one of the most effective, affordable, and easy to use do-it-yourself skin treatments available today.

All that you need is one simple tool—the Derma Roller Acne Scars Removal Set—to treat your skin problems at home. Or if you prefer to speed up the process and get better results in a shorter span of time, you can pair it with your preferred regeneration serum to get great-looking skin faster.

You don’t need fancy equipment or expensive creams to get the job done properly. Anyone can perform skin needling, and in time you’ll be rolling away with your Derma Roller like a pro. The best thing about skin needling acne scars is that it is non-aggressive, the main idea being that your skin just needs a little push in the right direction to be able to heal itself.

With skin needling, you’ll be effectively stimulating collagen production below the skin surface, and encouraging the skin the fill in those acne pits and scars naturally. The small pinpricks caused by the needles will create miniscule trauma on your skin, and thus trigger the natural collagen production.

Using your favorite skin regeneration serum with the Derma Roller also means that you are better able to prep your skin to drink in the cream fully, instead of wasting the product on closed pores. Skin needling creates temporary micro channels on the skin’s surface that allow creams and serums to go in really deep and work their magic from within. As a result, the treated areas are better-moisturized as well as better-nourished.

What are you waiting for? Grab your very own Derma Roller Acne Scars Removal Set today.

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