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Moisturizing & Dermarolling: Why You Need Them Both

The importance of hydrating your skin is vital for keeping it soft, supple & youthful. Regular moisturizing protects your skin and supports the skin functioning for younger, blemish-free & healthier looking skin. Read further to better understand the skin moisturizing importance and why it’s important to hydrate your skin while dermarolling. What happens with dehydrated […]

Fake Dr.Rollers Online – How to Be Sure Your Dr.Roller Is Genuine?

Dr.Roller dermaroller has very good reputation among microneedling fans for being the best quality home use roller. This is for good reason as Moohan Enterprise who’s the manufacturer of Dr.Roller in South Korea, have always paid significant effort to making excellent quality product. Today our online shop is working together with Moohan Enterprise to protect […]

Ouch?! Is Dermaroller Painful?

Probably the first thing that comes into your mind when looking at the dermaroller is – doesn’t it hurt?? Because derma rollers are made with with hundreds of tiny medical grade metal needles, you may experience slight discomfort or even pain while dermarolling. So is dermaroller painful or not really  depends on what needle size […]

Derma Roller for Scars

What is a scar? Scar is a healing result of some trauma or damage to the skin where the dermis (deep layer) of the skin has been injured. During the healing process special healing cells called fibroblasts migrate to the site of injury.  These fibroblasts cover the damaged area and form collagen which is the […]

Micro Needling Side Effects

The Micro Needling Roller is a revolutionary new beauty tool that can improve the appearance of a number of different skin conditions and blemishes including cellulite, stretch marks and acne scars. Even though skin needling is an amazingly effective treatment to encourage skin regeneration and is in fact a much safer option than expensive surgery […]

How To Use Derma Roller

Let’s face it—at one point or another we will all wish that we had the beautiful, fresh, ageless skin of our favorite movie stars. They seem to have skin that glows with health and youth. The problem is that most of us don’t have the same extent of resources, surgeons and dermatological help that celebrities […]