540 Needle Dermaroller Review: Why You Shouldn’t Use One

Every now and then we get the same question from our customer – why we don’t sell the 540 needle dermaroller that may be found in many other dermarollers shop. To be true many manufacturers have asked us to include their 540 needles dermarollers to our shop, but after careful examining and research of these types of rollers we’ve decided these are not safe and recommended for micro-needling treatments. Below you will find key reasons why your can’t buy 540 needle dermaroller in our shop.

What is a 540 needle dermaroller?

540 needle dermarollers are mostly sold on eBay & Amazon (view sample 540 needle rollers online LINK!) marketplaces, below you can see a good picture of these.
540 needle dermarollers found on amazon
540 needle dermarollers seem like a great deal  as they have approx twice as much needles as other “regular” ~192 needle dermarollers – this seems to be a great benefit why to prefer these. But is it really so?

Is the 540 needle derma roller better than the other 192 or 200 needle dermarollers?

Usually 540 needle rollers are claimed to have following benefits:

  • More needles makes micro-needling treatment faster and allows to create more collagen induction micro-channels.
  • Thinner needles for less painful derma-rolling.
  • Diamond shape needles also creating less discomfort during needling.

According to the benefits above 540 needle rollers are really exceptional, but let’s take a closer look to these claims. Below you can see a sample YouTube video of a 540 needle dermaroller.

From the video you can see clearly, that the needles are not needles at all, but sharp discs in the shape of triangular knives!

CLAIM 1  More needles makes micro-needling treatment faster and allows to create more collagen induction micro-channels.

There is a reason the collagen induction therapy is called “micro-needling” and not “micro-slicing” or “micro-cutting”. We do not recommend these type of “needles”. There simply are no clinical results available for this type of roller. The manufacturer in our opinion wanted to launch a “special” dermaroller and did that by offering an advantage of more “needles”. Unfortunately more needles in this case doesn’t result in better and faster results, only risking for serious skin damage, specially if using very long needles that could possibly permanently damage skin and cause scarring.

540 needle triangular knives needles

CLAIM 2 Thinner needles for less painful derma-rolling.

As you can see from the magnified image below, the 540 needle dermaroller needles are not thinner, in fact the thickness of these “needles” is very arrow at it’s tip, but gets progressively wider towards the needles disc base.

CLAIM 3 Diamond shape needles also creating less discomfort during needling.

As you see from the images in this article, the 540 needle roller needles aren’t really needles – these are like small triangular knives, the don’t look thinned, or diamond shape at all.


The design of the 540 needle roller may look attractive, but it’s really difficult for such triangular types of needles to penetrate the skin without damaging or scarring it. We’ve heard of thoughts that this type of rollers are less painful to use – this is possible because when gently rolling the skin, due the shape of these needles, they don’t penetrate the skin to their full length.  Which unfortunately means that they are not working as effectively as same size standard dermarollers.

In order to get the needles to penetrate to their proper depth, you would need to press about twice as hard than you would with a standard 192 needle derma roller. This causes unnecessary trauma to the skin and is very painful. Furthermore, because the knives type of needles get wider towards the base, they slice open the skin (rather than puncturing it), which can cause serious scarring.

We strongly recommend using the standard dermarollers with traditional needles – such that has been used in scientific research for collagen induction therapy, that has proven not to damage skin.

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