Who Are At Home Dermaroller Treatments Enthusiasts?

Who Are At Home Dermaroller Treatments Enthusiasts?

Dermarollers are becoming must have items in skin care. Do you know who are at home dermaroller treatments enthusiasts & true fans of the microneedling?

We’ve been online since 2008 and have served thousands of at home dermaroller treatments fans from all over the world. Most of our dear customers are women, but many men also find dermarolling to be effective for dealing with different skin concerns.

Dermarolling stimulates the skin to repair itself and this helps to reduce the appearance of acne scars, wrinkles, stretch marks & also pigmentation. These different skin concerns are all well responding to dermarolling stimulation, so even if complete healing is not always possible, significant improving is achievable.

MT Dermarollers - Different Types of At Home Dermarollers

Different Types of At Home Dermarollers: the narrow dermaroller (right) is usually used to treat harder to reach areas & the regular dermaroller (left) is used for rest of the body and facial areas.

Why men use dermarollers?

Most of our male microneedling fans use at home dermaroller to treat

  • acne scars
  • surgery & burn scars
  • uneven pigmentation (often caused by sun damage)
  • enlarged pores
  • stretch marks (caused by weight lifting or sudden weight gain)

Why women use dermarollers?

Most of our female microneedling fans use at home dermaroller to treat

  • fine lines & deep wrinkles
  • scars (plastic surgery, burn or trauma caused scars)
  • acne scars
  • pigmentation (aging spots & sun damage)
  • stretch marks
  • rough & dull skin appearance

Why you should be using the dermaroller?

There are so many reasons why dermarolling is beneficial. Most of all dermaroller is excellent for tired skin –  skin that has lost its smoothness and plumpness or starting to slack around the mouth and jaw. Dermarolling makes your skin look smoother & much fresher as the skin renews itself. Dermarolling is actually safe and effective method to stimulate natural skin renewal in the comfort of your own home.

However if you are looking ways to promote the collagen synthesis (most likely you are!) then you will need a dermaroller that has atleast 0.5 mm needles. Shorter needles are meant to be used to enhance the absorption of applied skin care products.

Why you should have realistic hopes for dermarolling results?

Natural skin renewal that’s stimulated with dermarolling takes time – so there is no quick over-night fix to your skin concerns. Multiple times dermarolling is necessary and usually noticeable results will start to appear after few months from first rolling.

How can you support your skin renewal process after dermarolling?

1. Protect your skin

  • Use minimum SPF30 sunscreen for atleast first weeks after every dermaroller use.
  • We recommend using sunscreen at all times when leaving indoors to protect skin from harmful UV damage.
  • Using sunscreen every day helps to keep your skin youthful & prevent aging.
  • Sunscreen is not just a beauty product, but it is a necessity for healthy and young-looking skin.

2. Moisturize your skin

  • The skin needs moisture to repair and renew itself. It needs to be hydrated either internally or topically to be soft, supple and smooth.
  • Moisturizing regularly, especially during the winter months, can prevent the itching and flaking caused by dry skin.
  • Keeping your skin well hydrated helps to fight dryness, balance skin tone and improve skin texture.
How at home dermaroller can treat many skin concerns

At home dermaroller can treat many skin concerns – click the image to see dermaroller before & after pictures.

Who will benefit most from the dermarolling?

Most dermaroller fans & microneedling enthusiasts are at the age of 25 to 65. You will be benefiting most from the dermaroller treatments in your 30’s when your skin starts to develop the first signs of aging. Dermaroller helps to plump up fine lines & significantly boost collagen production in treated areas.

Triggering collagen production in skin helps to reduce the appearance of many skin concerns:

  • acne scarring (especially depressed acne scars)
  • surgical scars
  • stretch marks
  • wrinkles (especially around the mouth and crows feet)
  • improving skin texture and tightness
  • fading uneven pigmentation ( like dark acne scar marks and age spots)

Should you try at home dermaroller?

If you have not yet tried dermarolling and are still hesitating if this treatment is for you, then stop right now. Dermarolling is not a miracle cure for healing your skin, but it can help you to reduce many skin concerns you might have thought can not be treated with success. Just remember, that skin needling is a lot about patience.

If you are not sure what needle size dermaroller is for you – contact us for dermaroller advice. We help you choose right dermaroller for your skin concerns.

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