Dr.Roller - genuine or fake - how to make sure your dr.roller is authentic from South Korea

Fake Dr.Rollers Online – How to Be Sure Your Dr.Roller Is Genuine?

Dr.Roller dermaroller has very good reputation among microneedling fans for being the best quality home use roller. This is for good reason as Moohan Enterprise who’s the manufacturer of Dr.Roller in South Korea, have always paid significant effort to making excellent quality product.

Today our online shop is working together with Moohan Enterprise to protect our customers from the fake Dr.Rollers. The following article has been written by & verified in co-operation with the Dr.Roller manufacturer for our customers to better understand of how to distinguish the genuine Dr.Roller from the fake rollers.

Moohan Enterprise verifies that the description of how to distinguish the genuine Dr.Roller & the images used in the article are original.

Moohan Enterprise verifies that the description of how to distinguish the genuine Dr.Roller & the  images used in the article are original.

Why are fake Dr.Rollers sold online?

Many online dermaroller shops claim to be selling the original Dr.Roller, but they actually sell cheap copies made in China. But why are the fake Dr.Rollers sold online?

Actually the answer is pretty simple – dermaroller users are looking for the Dr.Roller brand and always ask for it if this is not in stock (from personal experience from selling dermarollers since 2008), but the genuine ones cost significantly more to stock than cheaper imitation ones. So its all about sellers profit & how they invest into their growing customer base.

Personally I don’t understand such fake claims, because only thing it does – breaks the trust between and your fake Dr.Roller purchased customer, who will never order from you again if they understand you fooled them.

There are pretty much hundreds of different dermarollers available & there is a suitable for anyone – you don’t have to make false claims about your dermaroller brand unless you are a scammer & wish to make to quick buck on your customer’s trust.

Why is it difficult to spot a fake Dr.Roller before purchase?

It’s sometimes difficult to spot a fake Dr.Roller seller because sellers use authentic Dr.Roller pictures in product descriptions. I’m not going to name these stores selling fake Dr.Rollers, but just want to warn you to be careful when ordering online to be sure you purchase your genuine Dr.Roller from a company that has trusted history that goes way back.

This also makes very important for you to know how genuine Dr.Roller looks so that if the dermaroller arrives you can check immediately if it is the original one. If you ever find a scammer who sells fake Dr.Rollers, you can always claim back you payment from them – just contact your credit card company to reverse the payment.

But what if you have already purchased the Dr.Roller and now want to make sure if it is original?

Follow next steps to confirm if you have original or a cheap copy.

Step 1 – Examine the Dr.Roller box

Compare it to the image below, genuine Dr.Roller looks exactly the same. The box should contain information about manufacturing & product expiry date as well as a tiny round sticker with dermaroller needle length (1.0 mm on the sample image below).

This  is one view of the genuine South Korea Made Dr.Roller box.

Step 2 – Examine the „Quality Guaranteed“ hologram sticker

Dr.Roller box is always securely sealed with a hologram sticker that comes in two colors depending on what type of roller you have. Red „Quality Guaranteed“ sticker means you have a 3-line Dr.Roller and green one is used for regular 8-line Dr.Roller.

When you take a look at the box make sure the red or green security sticker is sealed – it shouldn’t be cut or open in any ways as this means the box has been opened before.

These are the “Quality Guaranteed” hologram stickers (gold is used with regular 8 line roller & dark red with the 3-line roller).

Step 3 – Make sure all contents are sealed (sterile)

When you open the box you will find a white plastic tube container.

Dermaroller itself is sealed into sterile blister pack that’s covered by a carton seal that cannot be re-sealed.

Make sure the sterile pack hasn’t been opened and is completely sealed – this ensures that your Dr.Roller is sterile.

Dr.Roller inside plastic tube by dermarollershop.com

This is the roller box where you can see it includes a plastic tube with dermaroller & a user manual.

Dr.Roller inside opened plastic tube by dermarollershop.com

Roller is sealed to blister pack inside the plastic tube.

Dr.Roller sterile packing by dermarollershop.com

The sterile packing (this is how Dr.Roller should look if you open the plastic tube container).

Dr.Roller in carton sealed box by dermarollershop.com

Dr.Roller is inside another carton sealed box.

Step 4 – Verify the box contents

Inside Dr.Roller box you should have:

  • Dr.Roller dermaroller inside a white plastic tube container

  • User manual

If you followed the previous steps you may be confident now about if you have the original  in South Korea made Dr.Roller or just another imitation.

Beware of fake Dr.Rollers. Click here to to view the original Dr.Rollers.

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