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Getting ready for summer is all about putting your best foot forward. Whether you’re going to spend lots of time sunning yourself at the beach or doing some heavy-duty trekking, you want to make sure that you’re in your best shape.

And that’s not just in terms of your physique. While your body certainly requires constant exercise, nutritious food, and sufficient rest to keep it looking great, your skin may need a little extra something to make it healthier and more supple. That’s because your skin directly takes on the harmful UV rays of the sun, as well as dirt, pollutants, bad makeup, allergens, and anything else that is in the air. All these things may wreak havoc on unprotected skin and make you look older than your chronological age.

Fortunately for the ladies (and also for gents who are interested in caring for their skin), modern skin care technology has evolved to such an extent that you can now pick and choose from among many different skin dermatological products that suit your budget, personal preferences, and specific concerns. There are virtually two or three derma products for every skin care need you might have.  Even for the most avant-garde products like the derma roller, there are already a good number of choices to select from.

So when shopping for your next skin implement, you might think: what’s the best derma roller brand I can get in the market today? The answer lies in knowing what you need the derma roller for and how often you plan to use it.

Choosing the best derma roller brand

It doesn’t matter how incredibly impressed you are with the rave reviews on the derma roller. The first time you actually lay eyes on the product—the first time you take it out of the packaging and inspect its barrel head full of needles—will make it seem like a terribly intimidating product to use. But fear not.

Despite its seemingly Middle Ages –inspired look, the derma roller is actually an extremely effective product, one that is worth every penny you paid for its purchase.  You just need some time to get used to the product and how it works, and once you do, you will definitely never want to go back to your pre-derma roller days.

The best derma roller brand should offer a full array of derma roller sizes that will help you address specific skin care concerns and target areas. There are varying needle lengths that are supposed to be used for specific areas or at specific intervals only. For example, derma rollers fitted with shorter 0.2 mm needles are best for everyday skin care. A few back-and-forth rolls on the face and neck area should be enough to prime your skin to absorb your favorite moisturizer completely.

Longer needles (1.0 and up) are used to treat deeper scarring, such stretch marks or pockmarks caused by acne. These are also better for areas where the skin or the flesh is much thicker, like your back or along the thighs.

Just remember that the longer the needle, the deeper it penetrates the skin’s layers. The shorter needles do not induce collagen production and just “open” the pores for better absorption of topical products. It is with the 0.5mm needles that real collagen production begins, and the skin’s natural anti-aging and regenerative powers come into play.

Best derma roller brand is not about the money

A lot of newbies to the derma roller club make the mistake of buying either the priciest or the cheapest brand in the market, hoping to get the most bang for their buck. The truth is that you can save your money and save your skin at the same time by going for the middle-priced products.

Derma rollers are not sophisticated tools. They do not require specialized materials. They are simple to manufacture, and simple to use, too. That means that you can get a good quality derma roller for anything from $29 to $49 per piece. But, you should exercise prudence in selecting which derma roller brand to buy.  You can get “burned” by choosing inexpensive and ineffective brands that do not produce any visible results, or may even worsen your current skin condition.

So the best way is to get products that are reasonably priced but are still well-regarded by the many fans of micro-needling use. Below you can find our recommendations for different dermarollers based on what body parts they’ll be used.

Best derma roller brand for derma rolling

If best quality is what you are expecting, then Dr Roller is for you. The difference when compared to other dermarollers can be felt when you hold it – the construct is sturdy and you don’t get the feeling of any ‘loose parts’ even as you shake it about.

Dr Roller dermarollers are made in South Korea, while most of the other rollers are made in China.

In Derma Roller Shop we have two models of Dr Roller dermarollers available. One is with regular head used for body & facial areas. Other model is called eye derma roller with narrower 3line roller head that can be easily used to treat more difficult to reach & isolated areas.

Dr Roller needle lengths vary from 0.25 up to 2.5 mm for the regular Dr Roller & 0.5 mm to 1.5 mm for the narrow eye roller.

Budget-Friendly Derma Roller Brand For Facial & Body Areas Dermarolling

The MT Roller is one of the best great priced dermaroller – it offers really good quality at a good price. MT Roller has good construction quality and it’s is excellent choice for dermarolling all body areas, including facial and other delicate areas.

MT Roller head is built with cross lined needle arrangement method that enhance the skin needling effect. This special needle arrangement method increases the tension on the skin and makes the needling pattern more evenly distributed on treated area.

MT Roller is one of the most preferred derma roller brand by our professional customers. Available needle lengths vary from 0.2 up to 1.5 mm for the wider roller & 0.75 mm to 1.5 mm for the narrow eye roller.

Budget-Friendly Derma Roller Brand For Body Areas Dermarolling

The ZGTS Dermaroller is a budget friendly priced dermaroller mainly focused on body areas skin needling, not recommended for facial needling. It’s one of the strongest dermarollers available on the market as it’s needles are made from a titanium alloy!

ZGTS Dermaroller is available with needle lengths from 0.5 mm to 2.0 mm. Most of our customers prefer this dermaroller for treating their stretch marks.

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