Dr.Roller 2x Kit

Working Wonders With Your Very Own Dr Roller

Here at Derma Roller Shop, we specialize in providing everyone with affordable, effective, and easy-to-use skin care products that can be used right in your own home.

Our Dr Roller packages are safe for use on all skin types, whatever age you may be, because there is simply no excuse for not taking good care of your skin.

The micro needles on the Derma Roller jump-starts the skin regeneration process. Tiny needles embedded on the roller head will prick your skin inch by inch, stimulating cell growth and bringing nutrient-rich blood onto the skin’s top layers. Moreover, the process also fires up the production of elastin and collagen—two of the most important building blocks of healthy, glowing, plump skin.

The Derma Roller is not just some toy or fake implement that won’t deliver what it promised. It is a medical device that will break down old scar tissue and help regenerate healthy skin cells. As we age, fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and blotches appear. The once-healthy, glowing youthful face we had years ago is gone. With Derma Roller, you can bring back that fresh, beautiful look you had in the past, or improve your current looks with a few regular treatments at home.

The Derma Roller is the perfect addition to your growing collection of tried-and-tested beauty products that really give amazing results. Scars will be significantly filled up, skin texture will be refined, and tone will be evened out all over your face. Whatever your problem may be, the Derma Roller is your best friend and companion for good skin care.

Dr Roller Derma Roller Basic Guidelines

Contrary to popular belief, the prickling sensation that comes with using the Derma Roller is not as painful or morbid as it sounds. In fact, once you get used to the small needles piercing your skin, you can almost forget how the skin generation process actually takes place.

At the outset, you can go for shorter needles so that the prickling feeling will not be as obvious, but that means that you will have to deal with more rolling motions to get the desired effect. If you are a little unsure about which needle length best fits your needs, look up our other articles on this topic to help you decide.Dr.Roller dermarollers

Immediately after the treatment, your face will look red and a little blotchy. Your face may still look flushed and may be warm to the touch the morning after the treatment. Relax—that’s just the Derma Roller working its magic on your skin and bringing it back to its former naturally fresh, plump, and even appearance.

The Derma Roller home care treatment is highly recommended for people who are concerned about acne scars or pits and premature skin aging, as this tool can help restore your skin’s youthful condition in no time at all. You can also use it for preventive maintenance so that you can keep your beautifully glowing skin for longer.

The skin needling market is continuously growing, but there is nothing that works quite like the Dr. Roller.  It is easy to use, very effective, and affordable to boot. The special needle arrangement on the roller head makes for an evenly-distributed needling pattern throughout your cheeks, neck, forehead, chin, and eye area.

That means that you get only the best results after every treatment, without having to shell out your hard-earned cash for expensive dermatological services and products. You get to have the derma treatment experience when you want it, just the way you want it done. You would not want to use anything else on your skin after you’ve tried the Dr. Roller.

Kaia is the CEO & founder of the Dermaroller Shop. She's truly passionate about skin care & DIY dermaroller treatments. Soon a licensed aesthetician helping people feel and look their best.. Circle Kaia Vanari On Google+

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