What Is Skin Needling?

Skin needling is safe treatment that involves rolling the skin multiple times with a tiny roller that has very fine needles. This kind if treatment for the skin aims to improve general skin texture and tone, lines and wrinkles, scarring and skin tightness, by encouraging production of new collagen.

These little channels that are created by the derma roller (also called as skin roller) needles also improve the penetration of skin care products active ingredients as well as multi-peptides, vitamins, or any other skin care solutions.Body Derma Roller

Skin needling is also different to artificial injectable collagen, as the effects of natural collagen production in skin that is caused by skin needling are long lasting and continue even up to one year after the treatment itself.

Skin needling is suitable for treating

  • acne scarring (especially depressed acne scars)
  • surgical scars
  • stretch marks
  • wrinkles (especially around the mouth and crows feet)
  • improving skin texture and tightness
  • loss of skin pigment (hypo pigmentation) as a result of scarring

Skin needling advantages

When skin needling with skin roller is compared with the conventional peeling methods, then needling has many advantages. Most important skin needling advantage is that the epidermis as the natural skin protection barrier, remains intact.

While the tiny channels in the skin that were created by the derma roller close withing few hours,  deeply within skin a new collagen-structure starts to form that will give you smoother and fresher looks! Due to the fact that the epidermis is not removed during the skin needling treatment, more or less all common negative side effects and risks of chemical peeling and laser-resurfacing can be neglected.

Skin needling benefits

  • Skin needling with home use derma rollers is free of pain (numbing creams are one way to insure pain free treatment)
  • There are no known negative side-effects
  • You can use the derma roller at home, when ever you wish
  • Apply your cosmetic on the skin – and roll it in to maximize the skin care products effect
  • Derma roller will last for hundreds of treatments
  • Skin needling stimulates natural physiological responses

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