Derma Roller vs Other Facial Treatments

If you like to always look your best, most young , fresh and beautiful then you have probably tried a huge number of skin care products and services that have all promised to do one thing or another for your skin. Unfortunately, not all skin care is created equal, so you might find yourself experimenting with many treatments before you finally find one that will suit your requirements best. Or you can just pick up a Dr.Roller derma roller and be done with all the experimenting and beta testing.derma roller and skin needling

The Dr.Roller is proven to be an effective and inexpensive alternative to all the other pricey beauty implements that you can find elsewhere. This is a micro needling tool that rolls on your skin, creating small pin pricks with every motion and speeding up the skin rejuvenation process.

The beauty behind this deceptively simple but incredibly effective tool is that it can be used for all skin types and colors, on almost all parts of the body, and for almost all kinds of skin care concerns. That means that you buy just one product that can take care of all your different skin care issues, from forehead to foot. The Dr. Roller comes in two different roller head sizes, which will help you reach and treat even the smallest curves on your body.

The Derma Roller difference

Unlike other facial and skin care techniques such as laser treatments, micro needling with the Derma Roller kick-starts new tissue formation without damaging your skin. You can also forget about hyper-pigmentation after the treatment because the micro needles will not cause your skin to produce too much melanin. The teeny-tiny pin pricks may sound a little daunting, but the skin does not suffer from too much tension or pain. Although these are technically surface injuries, they are so insignificant that the skin will not even go into wound healing response mode.

You may notice some reddening or blotching on the treated area after you apply the Dr.Roller, and these can last until the next day if you are on an aggressive program or are using longer needles. An even flushing all over the treated area means that you are ready to see your skin brought back to life.

These normal physiological reactions show that your skin is beginning to regenerate itself naturally. Blood is beginning to flow more readily to the top of your skin, allowing new cells to be formed and more collagen to be produced. It is best to schedule your derma roller treatment on weekends to allow your skin time to return to its normal tone before going out. That said, you can still opt to use mild makeup the very next day after your treatment if you want to cover up the redness. However, direct sun exposure is a no-no as this may get in the way of your skin’s natural regenerative process.

What results should I expect?

Dr.Roller 2x KitDerma rolling treatment with Dr.Roller will result in noticeably firmer, more evenly-toned, fresher skin.  For those of you who have been trying in vain to restore your skin to what it once was five or ten years ago, look no further. The Dr. Roller is highly effective in plumping up scars and pits caused by acne, clearing fine lines and wrinkles around the forehead and mouth, evening out the skin tone from face to neck, and reducing stretch marks.

The skin renewal process cannot be rushed, so you will have to be patient and wait for the results to manifest themselves before using the derma roller again. It may take a little over a month for your skin to fully renew itself after a derma roller treatment, and it is recommended to space out your treatments to give your skin time to heal completely. After every treatment, make sure to keep your skin well-moisturized to help it heal faster.

Owning your very own Dr. Roller will bring you one step closer to restoring your skin’s natural condition or simply preserving its fresh and youthful glow today. Even if you think that you have no serious skin concerns that must be addressed immediately, a Dr. Roller can still give you optimum skin care like no other. Using the 0.2 and 0.25 mm needle lengths will not promote skin rejuvenation and collagen production, but it can help your skin absorb your daily skin care products better.

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