Derma Rolling Benefits Explained

Everyone is born with beautiful, glowing skin, but few people manage to keep it that way till old age. For the majority of us, preserving our skin’s health is not a top priority. Day in and day out, we expose our skin to dirt, dust, bad makeup, dry air, harmful UV rays, allergens, pollution, and other damaging stuff that speed up the skin’s ageing process. As a consequence, our skin looks and feels uncared for and unhealthy.

Natural skin degeneration only gets worse and ever faster as we get older. Those mild acne marks that used to fade to nothing after a month remain as dark blotches on your face. The dryness around your elbows and neck sets in, and never seems to go away no matter how much moisturizer or lotion you slather on them. The skin is the largest organ of the body, making it most vulnerable to the harsh elements. Skipping out on a good skin care regimen can really cause your skin to look older than your true chronological age.

Do something about it – find out derma rolling benefits

For every skin problem, there are at least three different “must-have” products being offered in the market as a solution. Some of them are expensive, complicated to use, and/or not readily available in your local beauty store. Others simply don’t work as advertised, no matter how long you extend the recommended treatment period. When faced with so many different choices, you have to be smart about what you let near your skin. Otherwise you might end up aggravating the problem instead of solving it.

Fortunately, there are skin care products that work as promised and are available for purchase wherever you are on the globe. Derma rolling products started out as something of a novel dermatological tool, but it soon became one of the most trusted do-it-yourself skin care solutions available today. The online marketplace has made it possible for women everywhere to have their very own derma rolling kit at home.

Why use derma rollingderma rolling benefits

The first thing you need to know about derma rolling or micro-needling technology is that it is 100% safe, perhaps even safer than the dermatological treatments you get at the facial care center you usually go to.

That’s because derma rolling is not meant to be an invasive procedure: all you need to do is to help your skin heal itself and to jump-start the natural skin rejuvenation process. This is achieved through creating mini pinpricks on the skin surface by using either a derma roller or a derma stamp. These pinpricks open up your skin’s pores, stimulating the lower layers and speeding up the collagen production.

While the treatment may hurt the first time, you soon won’t mind the pinpricks when you see the results afterwards, the benefits out weigh any temporary discomfort. Derma rolling is one of those do-it-yourself procedures that really deliver noticeable changes to your skin right after the first treatment.

If you’re not yet convinced about the power of derma rolling benefits to restore your skin’s former glory, here are just a few of the specific benefits that you can get only through micro-needling:

Derma Rolling Benefits #1 – Derma rolling allows your skin to soak up moisturizers and serums better.

By creating channels on the topmost layer of the skin surface, derma rolling allows your beauty products to work deep into the skin faster and more effectively. Even the most expensive moisturizer can only do so much when it’s simply sitting on top of your skin.

Derma Rolling Benefits #2 – Smooths bumps, wrinkles, acne scars, and stretch marks.

Tired of seeing and feeling patches of uneven texture on your skin whenever you put on your favorite moisturizer or lotion? Acne, allergic reactions, and dirt can cause our skin to pucker up, resulting in small bumps and pits. Derma rolling stimulates your skin to heal itself faster and better.

Derma Rolling Benefits #3 – Create a better canvas for your makeup.

MT dermaroller 3-line and regular - derma rolling benefits

Say goodbye to uneven skin tone and dark blotches after your regular derma rolling treatments. Once your skin is primed to produce more collagen, you will soon see how much more supple and smooth it is as you do your daily makeup routine.

Derma Rolling Benefits#4 – Give your skin a better shot at ageing gracefully.

We all want to turn back the clock when it comes to ageing, but derma rolling is best at slowing it down. Investing in a good skin care problem today will lessen your chances of experiencing dermatological troubles in the future. Combine derma rolling with your favorite beauty products and you’re all set for beautiful years ahead.

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