Effects of Respiratory Infection in Derma rolling: What to Do if you Catch Common Colds while Having Derma Rolling Therapy?

Can you continue with your derma rolling therapy appointment if you catch common cold a day or two before the treatment?  Does it have any effect on the treatment outcome?

Colds are mild and common upper respiratory infection which affects the nose, sinuses and throat. Almost everyone is prone to get colds once or twice a year, or even more depending on your immune status. Colds are caused by a viral infection which usually last for about a week or two.

Sometimes, colds are accompanied by cough, low fever and body weakness. It depends on how severe the viral infection is and how your body reacts on the infection. So what if, you have an appointment for derma rolling therapy the following day, will you continue the treatment even if you have colds?

Well, actually for safety purposes it is better to postpone your treatment for a week or two for your derma rolling session. This is to allow your body to recover from the viral infection and also, to prevent the spread of infection.

Ideally, you should be in an optimum health when you have your derma rolling session. This is because your body needs to be healthy in order for it to withstand the after effects of derma rolling treatment. Don’t get it wrong, derma rolling treatment has milder side effects when you compare it with other skin care treatment, skin needling has little to no down time. Nevertheless, you cannot argue with having a prepared body and mind to undergo a skin needling treatment.

More so, if you will have an extensive derma rolling treatment wherein there are bigger areas to be treated then you really need to be in good shape. This is particularly true if you will have derma rolling treatment on the large areas like abdomen, thighs, and other bigger surface areas. If you have severe colds wherein you have fever, body fatigue, sore throat and other related symptoms, you will not be in good shape while having derma rolling treatment.

So, What Do Doctors Recommend?

Although, cold is a mild upper respiratory infection, every person has a different reaction to viral infection. If you feel that your colds is bothering you too much, and you cannot perform your day to day activities better to post pone the treatment on a later date. Wait until your colds are resolved before you schedule an appointment.

Usually, it will take around two weeks before colds disappear. Colds are not a contraindication in derma rolling therapy and you will not be restricted to have one, even if you have mild colds.  But you see, you have to listen to your body.

If you have any infection, it may delay the healing process particularly if you had a major derma rolling session.  It is best if you wait until you are free from colds, anyways it will only take a week or so.

cold and dermarolling

How to Stop Colds?

To prevent colds from spreading, it is best to wash your hands regularly before touching anything particularly your food, nose, mouth and other possible objects that can be a portal of spreading the infection. You also have to use tissues when you sneeze, and make sure to throw them away properly. Preferably, clean the surfaces regularly to keep the area free from germs.

Lastly, it is better to postpone your treatment at least two weeks later, so you will not be spreading the viral infection. It is better to be on the preventive side. If you really feel very sick, better to stay at home and rest.

Signs and Symptoms of Colds

If you have a common cold, you may experience the following signs and symptoms:

  • Cough
  • Nasal symptoms such as runny nose, sneezing, and stuffiness
  • Sore throat
  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Sore muscles
  • Fatigue

How to Manage Common Colds?

The best way to manage common colds is to drink plenty of water and or fluids, get enough sleep, and avoid any exposure to second hand smoke. Eating mildly hot noodle soups and beverages is also a good way to relieve the cold symptoms.

You can also take Vitamin C supplements and zinc to boost your immune system. You may also eat plenty of fresh fruits particularly those with high vitamin C content like citrus fruits

Actually, you don’t need to take any antibiotics because it is not an effective treatment to common colds. Antibiotics are for bacterial infection and common colds are caused by a viral infection. You may also take over the counter cold medicine to help ease the symptoms. . If the symptoms persist despite thorough management, you can consult your doctor for further advice.

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