How to Do Away with Cellulite Using Dermarolling Treatment?

Cellulites are uneven fat depositions in the skin. Everyone is predisposed to have cellulites because it is a normal skin composition. Cellulites become a cosmetic problem when there are too many uneven skins in the body.

Good thing, there are many things that you can do to tone your muscles so you will have an even distribution of the fats in the body. It is common misnomer to do away with cellulites because you cannot! Fats are important components of the skin, without it you will not have a normal skin tone.

What you Need to Know about Cellulite?

The cellulites appear because of the unevenness of the fat layer in the body. Human skin is composed of the superficial layer which is the epidermis, underneath is the dermis, and the subcutaneous layer. Then below it are the muscles and the bone.

The subcutaneous layer of the skin is composed mainly of fat cells. There are instances wherein the fat droplets or globular fats may tend to go upwards reaching the dermis. Thus, it will cause an uneven and bumpy skin.

You may usually observe this in a woman’s thigh and buttocks.  These areas are prone to bulging of fat deposits. The unevenness occurs because the entire skin is interconnected with the muscles and attached to the bones through the fibrous bands. If these bands are not held in proper place it may cause some space to allow fat globules to go up and may eventually reach the dermis.

When the fibrous bands are not held in place, it may cause some sagging of the skin.  The fibrous bands works by keeping the skin layer in its proper place and it also acts by creating a compartment. If you have cellulite, it means that the fats are able to protrude from this compartment.

If the normal arrangement of the skin is altered, the only possible way for the fat cells is to go upwards, thus cellulites appear. This phenomenon is common even in thin women. Woman with regular body type also have cellulites in some parts of their body.


Actually, you cannot do away with fat because it is a normal component of the skin. Your skin will not look good if you do not have fats in the subcutaneous layer. The problem lies when there is an uneven distribution of fat in the skin – it becomes now a cosmetic concern.

Some women who have cellulites may also experience sagging of the skin. This is true if you have recently given birth or you had a drastic weight loss. Some middle age or older women may also experience skin sagging as they grow older.

There are many ways on how you can prevent the appearance of cellulites. You can do exercise activities; eat a healthy diet, and many others. You may also try other dermatologic treatment to keep your skin well-toned and firm.

One of the new and popular treatments to do away with cellulites is dermarolling or microneedling treatment. It is one of the popular treatments used nowadays because of its effectiveness, ease of use, affordability and lesser side-effects. 

How Dermarolling Treatment Help?

Dermarolling therapy or microneedling therapy is very easy to perform.  It is usually done in the medical clinic or you may also buy a do it yourself dermarollers for mild skin conditions. Since, cellulites are usually found in the dermis, there is a need to used longer microneedles which can be safely done in the dermatologist clinic.

The dermarolling treatment uses a dermaroller device which is a handheld device composed of microneedles.  These needles are used to penetrate the skin to create microinjury. The injury can stimulate the collagen and elastin production which are responsible for the repair process and for the formation of newer skin cells.

The procedure works by thickening the skin as the dermaroller reaches the dermis. The principle behind it is that thickening the dermis will make it harder for the fat globules to protrude. Or it may also prevent the skin to have dimpling.

Take note that it may take several sessions before you can see the result. One dermarolling treatment is not enough to reduce or remove the cellulites. Usually it may take few sessions before you can actually see the result.

You see, your skin cell grows gradually. When you have a wound, it takes days or weeks for it to heal completely. This is almost the same principle with dermarolling therapy. But after several sessions, you can see a more permanent and long-lasting effect.

Dermarolling plus Retinoid Cream: A perfect combo?

If you want to see a more fast and effective result you may combine dermarolling treatment with topical retinoid cream. Although, the dermarolling treatment per se is a stand-alone therapy, it is already effective even without creams. But if you want to keep increase the collagen production, you may use Vitamin A serums with skin needling.

Vitamin A works by increasing collagen production so there will be less skin dimpling and for a thicker dermis. A lot of studies have shown that Vitamin A helps improves the appearance of cellulites.

Take note that Retinoin is the most potent form of Vitamin A. The potential side effect is that it can cause skin irritation because it is acidic. Some who have used it reported a burning sensation in the skin.

But this effect may not happen to everyone. It is a case to case basis depending on how your skin will react. To prevent this from happening, you need to test it first in a small area of your skin and see if there is any irritation and other skin reaction like redness.

So make sure that you do not over apply Retinoin in your skin. Preferably, use only the recommended formulations to avoid any adverse reactions. If you are planning to get pregnant, or you are pregnant or lactating, use of Retinoin is contraindicated.


Dermarolling therapy is a very good alternative option if you want to do away with uneven cellulites. You can use it together with Vitamin A serum for faster results!


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