Burn Scar Problems: How to Deal with Deep Scars and What is the Best Needle Size to Use?

Are you fond of reading derma rolling forums? It’s like knowing – what the other people are talking about like having an idea on what’s in and out in a certain product or service. One of the striking questions that you may encounter in the forum, which is very interesting to talk about – is a question from one of the members. She shared about her accident six years ago, which unfortunately burned 20% of her body because of the burned fuel.

Sadly, the accident left a deep scar on her body, and she is asking whether what is the best derma roller size that will work on her?  It is heart-breaking to hear stories like this, because you can feel the dilemma of a person in this kind of situation. Indeed, it is traumatic to have an accident and it is even more painful to see the scars that continuously remind you of the dark past.

It is like living a life where the burn scars brings back memories of the unfortunate incident.  Good thing, there are new advances on how you can deal with your scars. But the prices of cosmetic procedures are far beyond the reach of an ordinary wage earner. If you are a parent, and you are trying hard to meet both ends so you can provide for your children, having a cosmetic procedure is not feasible at this point in time.

Or if you are a student, and currently on study loan, having any cosmetic procedure is not that workable at this moment. You see, even if there are procedures to choose from, the prices are too high for an ordinary earner to afford. So if there is anything to be thankful for in this situation, it would probably be the innovation of derma rolling treatment.

The derma rollers are excellent and effective tools in removing scars. It is a very simple device and easy to use.  It does not require rigorous training for you to get to know how to use the device.  The instructions are very simple and easy to follow.

All you need is the derma roller and know-how on how to use it properly and you are good to go.  You can use it at the comforts of your own home.  You can even re-use it, as long as the micro needles are in good shape.


What is the Best Needle Size to Use?


For burned scars, the damage to the skin may be more deep and severe. Hence, you need to use longer needle size so you can induce the skin cells to produce newer cells. A 1.5 or 2 mm micro needles is advice.

You need to combine it with a pressure massage, meaning you need to apply pressure to your fingers so it can exert a pressure to the scar. Your target is approximately 20 seconds per spot.   You need to repeat it for several times depending on the extent of the burn scars.

For better results, you can perform pressure massage to the burn scar after your derma rolling or skin needling. For 1.5 mm needle size, you can use it once every three or four weeks which is applied on the same skin area. For 2 mm micro needles, you can used it once every five weeks and apply it only on the same area.

Just make sure that you know which area of the skin is thick enough, so you can safely use this needle length. If you are not that confident, you can always seek help from a trained professional, so they can do the procedure for you.  Nevertheless, the procedure is not very hard to duplicate.  In fact, it is very easy to understand and comprehend.

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How to Use Longer Needle Sizes on Burn Scars?


Using longer size needle needs extra care because you are going to apply it on hypertrophic burn scars which are thicker than normal skin.  More so, there is also a probably that you may not hit the proper spot which can induce further bleeding. Hence, you need to know the dos and dont’s of using longer needle sizes.

The instructions are the same for 0.5 mm and above micro needle length.

  1. You need to wash the area to ensure that the skin is clean and to prevent any infection.
  2. Make sure that your rolling environment is well-sanitize. You may use alcohol to remove any bacteria or viruses in your rolling area.
  3. Wipe your skin with a disinfectant like alcohol, to ensure that your skin is clean. Disinfecting alcohol with evaporate immediately.
  4. You may use numbing cream or ice so you can tolerate any pain. Nevertheless, the pain is minimal and tolerable depending on your tolerance level.
  5. If you prefer to use ice packs, make sure to disinfect it with alcohol before using.
  6. When you are rolling, you may stretch your skin, so it will be easier for you to penetrate the affected area.
  7. You can roll using a star pattern. You may roll maximum of five horizontally, five times vertically and then another five times diagonally.
  8. Roll the derma rollers five times in each direction.
  9. Take note that back and forth rolling equals two rolls.
  10. You may lift the derma roller if you want to change the angles and then you can move into another direction. This is to ensure that you will not hit the same spot while rolling.
  11. If you are using longer needles, make sure that you do not use it on thin skin area like areas near the eyes. It has a specific needle length that is appropriate for that area.
  12. Spread your rolling equally in each area. You may roll in one area horizontal direction and once you covered the area, then you roll vertically and or diagonally.
  13. There is no strict rule as to the direction, you can use it in the technique which you are most comfortable with, and the important thing is you evenly distribute the rolling, so you can induce the needed response of the skin.


Is Derma Rolling Really Effective in Burn Scars?


Derma rolling is an effective way to remove deep burn scars.  The changes may not be seen automatically in the first few tries, but over time, you can see the result. Remember, your skin grows very slow, so you need to be more patient with your skin’s healing process. Nevertheless, you will the visible result in no time!

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