Acne Scar Treatment With Dermarolling

Dermaroller is a great solution if you are looking for a treatment for your facial skin. Whatever the reason might be for your damaged skin – dermaroller will be a great solution to test out. We can not give any guarantees that it will work, but most of the time it will help. Even if this is not the solution for you, then atleast you tried it. We are more than sure that it will help with atleast a little with your skin damages and problems. Now we are going to take a look how to execute acne scar treatment.

What To Avoid While Treating Acne?

Before you start anything you have to make sure that you are able to stick to the user manual. It might sound very tempting to use dermaroller more than allowed for faster results – in reality you will only damage your skin more without any positive vibes. Rule of thumb is to frequently use correct size dermaroller for best results. The smaller needles used, the more often you are allowed to use it. If you would like to use a dermaroller with big needles on your face you might cause problems to your skin. Acne scar treatment is all about consistency – you will not see results when you have used it for a few times. For your first experience treating acne we would suggest using ZGTS Titanium Dermaroller with the smallest possible size available.

ZGTR Dermaroller

Acne Scar Treatment ABC

First of all you should keep in mind to start out really light without any big pressure. Pressure might damage the skin more than needed and will not result in anything good. If you are using the 0.3mm needles for rolling, you can use it twice per week. While using dermaroller on your face divide your face into different sectors. Start out with cheeks for example and then move on to forehead. Dermaroller movements should be horizontal, vertical and diagonal to make sure as much skin as possible is treated. Acne scar treatment in one of the most common problems that needs dermaroller help. Make sure you sanitize your dermaroller before and after use. To start out – we have a Dr.Roller Acne Scars Removal Set available in our online store. This is probably obvious for everyone – do not share your dermaroller with anyone!

Serums For Acne Treatment

Serums are a good way to maximize the efficiency of dermarolling treatment. We would recommend using EGF Serum as it is basically a skin regeneration serum. It consists of Cellular activators that are vital for the skin cells health. The older we are getting the less our body is renewing itself, so why not boost it a bit with serum. You can go and take a look at our online store to find the serums you might find useful. Keep in mind not to use serum on the same day as you are having your dermarolling treatment session.

100% EGF Serum

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