Microneedling Cost – Inexpensive Beauty Treatment

In this day and age it begins more and more important to be pretty. Us women, we dye our hair, wax our eyebrows, enhance our eyelashes and buy more and more expensive skin care and make up products. All that for one purpose – to have that natural beauty look. Microneedling cost can be much more wallet-friendly than any other alternative beauty treatments. What if You could actually have even better natural fresh beautiful look and for much less?

Safe and Inexpensive Alternative

Microneedling is a beauty procedure that has been used by dermatologists for a long time. At first it’s been used more as a scarring treatment for severe acne and burn scars etc. Over time it has become a safe non-evasive beauty procedure, which is safer and more natural alternative to any kind of surgical beauty treatments and beauty shots. As bonus the microneedling cost is also much less than other alternatives.

Dermastamp and serum kit
Dermastamp for treating small, isolated and hard to reach scars or wrinkles.

Microneedling is a non-evasive procedure, in which we puncture our skin with tons of tiny microneeldes. That is for the reason to make the skin produce much more elastin and collagen than it normally produces. This is what makes the skin smoother, more fresh-looking and youthful. This will fill in different wrinkles and fine lines and makes any kind of scarring smoother. For the best results it is advised to use microneedles regularly, but not more often than once in every 4-5 weeks. This is to prevent harming the skin and also for letting the skin rejuvenate, because collagen will be produced lots and lots not only just after the procedure, but several months after every procedure.

The main question is though, what is the actual microneedling cost? We will look at it more thoroughly in this article.

No Need For Expensive Treatments

The main thing that You will need for microneedling procedure at home, is either dermaroller or electric dermapen for more regular users. If you only want to use microneedling on an isolated and small areas then a small dermastamp will do as well. Out of these options the most expensive one is electric dermapen, full price is 199 USD, but make sure you check out our e-store regularly to get the best sale deals!

If You are someone who is planning to use or is already using dermaroller on a regular basis over long period of time, then electric dermapen is actually pretty cheap in the long run. The dermapen itself costs almost 200 USD, but then again you only need to buy it once, whereas new set of dermapen needles only costs 4 USD. On the long run it can be more beneficial than to buy new set of dermaroller each time if you plan on using it a lot.

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Speaking of dermarollers, each dermaroller vary from 29 to 49 USD depending on your personal choosing. Check out our full selection of different dermarollers and kits right here.

Creams And Serums To Increase Results

For the best results it is advised to use numbing cream before each procedure as well as different serums during and after the microneedling. All of those stay in range of 30-40 USD, but you can also find them in different kits combined with dermarollers, which of course will lower the cost furthermore. You can check out all the possibilities in our serum’s menu HERE. Furthermore, if you planning on getting yourself a dermaroller anyway then it would be more beneficial financially as well to find yourself a suitable kit, which contains both dermaroller and a serum or numbing cream.

Visiting a dermatologist’s office, the microneedling procedure may vary somewhere between 200 to 700 USD. Normally one person goes through three to six session in average for optimal results, which means that overall you would be spending at 600 USD or more.

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Natural Beauty Treatment For Under 100 USD

Whereas for example using electric dermapen (200 USD) and for six procedures you would need to get six sets of needles which will be 4 times 4 USD, which makes in total 216 USD for six microneedling procedures. If we count in a tube of numbing cream (36 USD) and vitamin C serum (29 USD), then the total cost for at least six sessions of microneedling procedures will be 281 USD. That means each beauty procedure will be roughly 40-50 USD. Of course if you want to try out different sets of serums and masks, the price may vary, but it is safe to say you can perform a safe and non-evasive beauty procedure in the safety in your own home for under 100 USD for sure. So microneedling cost is at least half of what any clinic would charge you.

Make sure you check out our other articles as well to make sure you get all the information you need on how to perform microneedling procedure at home safely if you are just starting out with it.

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