Dermaroller Serum – Should You Use It Before Or After Treatment?

Dermaroller serum is a topic that is not covered enough, during microneedling activities. Some of the bloggers and article writers never cover the serums and their positive consequences. I find it very difficult to discuss any topics without the full information. Further in the article I will try to find solution for the question mentioned in the topic. Serums are great for your skin. Different serums have different benefits. Now we are going to take a quick tour around different serums and how to use them. Meanwhile you can check out all the serums available in our shop.

10% Vitamin C Dermaroller Serum

L-Ascorbit 10% Vitamin C Serum

This serum is great for your skin when you are looking to prevent damage made by the sun. Summertime might bring hot sunny days that dry and damage your skin. I find it perfect for everyone because it controls the pigmentation and helps the skin against aging. We would not recommend to use this serum before or after the dermarolling process – best would be to use it 2-3 days before or after the treatment. 10% Vitamin C Serum does not irritate your skin and whitens skin tone.

Vitamin A Dermaroller Serum

Vitamin A Seerum

Similar to the previous C vitamin dermaroller serum, this one has it´s own and different benefits. First of all I would like to mention the fact that this serum helps to increase collagen synthesis and is suitable for all skin types ( Except hyper oily skin ). I would not use the serum 2-3 days before the dermarolling treatment – this might cause skin irritation. Vitamin A Serum is a must have serum, if you really care about your skin.

Blue Copper Polypeptide Dermaroller Serum

Blue Copper Polypeptide Serum

If I would have to choose, then this is one of the most beneficial dermaroller serums available. Who would not like to have healthy skin that is not aging as fast as normal. This serum helps to keep your skin elastic and improves overall firmness of it. Blue Copper Polypeptide Serum is boosting the healthy proteins production and helps you fight the aging signs.

Conclusion – Before/After

In conclusion we can say that dermaroller serum or serums are one of the most important extras regarding dermarolling. The variety of different serums is massive and everyone can choose the ones they like or need the most. When you have already discovered dermarolling for yourself then you should also try serums, but there are some points to keep in mind. First of all we would not recommend using the serum right before or after the treatment. Using it might cause skin irritation and peeling. In our vision it would be best to use it 2-3 days before or after your treatment. Depending on your dermarolling schedule, you can use the serum daily and just skip a few days when you are planning to have a treatment.

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