What Is Best Dermaroller Size For Hair Growth?

Have you ever wondered if there is a chance you can enchance your hair growth? Thankfully there is a solution – dermaroller for hair. A roller can be useful because when you have problems with your hair growth and bald spots it will make them grow again. While being a relatively new product, most importantly it has already proven to be working because there are people having great results. It is the best solution for hair loss treatment because all you have to do is just grab the dermaroller and start working on your skin. While working on your skin you should always remember that it takes time. The consistency is key to get the best results because all great things take time. Try it out and get the results.

How To Use A Dermaroller?

First make sure the roller is disinfected because otherwise it might damage your skin. Before starting the rolling you have to wash your face otherwise there is a chance bacteria will be rolled in the skin. Depending on your needs maybe you need numbing cream. Numbing your skin is good because then you can use you dermaroller for skin care without pain. Next step is to begin with dermarolling because that is the reason we have been doing all the previous steps. After you have finally finished the rolling of the skin you should wash it with pure water. Another thing to remember is that first and last step are the same – disinfect your dermaroller used for hair treatment.

What Is The Best Needle Size?

Depending on the body parts skin you are rolling – there are also different sizes for the needles. At first you should start with the size of 0,5mm because there is no need to damage your skin. When you should have shallow acne scars then recommended size is 1.0mm needles. For stretch marks and surgical scars cause by vaccination the optimal size would be 1.5-2.0mm. Please keep in mind – do not use the dermaroller more than you are allowed to use it. For example the 0.5mm needle dermaroller might be used several times per week. But the roller with 2.0mm needle you should not use it more often than once a month.

Best Size For Hair Growth

We would suggest using two different sizes of dermarollers for your hair growth. First we would advise to use the one that has needles measuring 1mm like ZGTS Titanium – this help to boost the production of endothellal growth factors. Using this kind of dermaroller you should use it once every 2-3 weeks and avoid using it more often. Second option is to use a roller with smaller needles measuring about 0.2mm. DRS Titanium is the suitable product for it. This dermaroller has such small needles that you can basically use it on a daily basis.

In conclusion we can say that you should try dermaroller for hair. The risk you are taking is worth a shot because the results might be mind-blowing. Feel free to visit our online store and grab your first dermaroller today. No matter the situation your skin is at – the roller is there to help!

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