Painless Dermarolling With Numbing Cream

In many posts we have gave tips about dermarolling and microneelding, but we haven’t yet covered so much about the numbing cream topic. In today’s post we will tell you more about how to use numbing cream safely and when to use it.

What Is It For?

Numbing cream is to prevent any pain during microneedling or dermarolling procedure.

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Numbing cream consists lidocaine, which makes the area numb that you apply it on. Lidocaine is used as local anesthetic. It is good to remember to wait for the cream to absorb for a bit before doing the dermarolling procedure itself.

Microneedling – painful or not?

Microneedling procedure doesn’t hurt the skin, it merely scratches the thin outer layer of the skin just to make your body to think that there is injury, so it would start producing more collagen in the skin of treated area. Nevertheless, dermarolling causes a mild prickling sensation in the skin. Even so, some people’s skin is more sensitive then others and in cases you use longer needles than 1,5 mm, then you might feel a bit more painful sensation while dermarolling. The cream is to prevent that uncomfortable feeling.

Can I Use Numbing Cream?

You use numbing cream as any facial or body cream, but it is still important to know, when it is not so good idea to use it. If you are allergic to lidocaine or prilocaine, then it is not suggested to use numbing cream. Luckily that is very rare.

Furthermore if you have very sensitive skin it is good to test the cream on a smaller patch of skin first to be sure there wouldn’t be allergic reaction. Good place for testing the cream is back of your hand. After a while if there will not be any allergic reaction then you would know it is safe to use on your skin also. When you have had an allergic reaction to anesthetic medicine before then it is also safest not to use, because of its lidocaine content.

In case you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant or currently breast-feeding then the cream is also not advised to use. It is not advised to use numbing cream while being on prescription medicine as well. Otherwise you should be perfectly able to use the numbing cream without any difficulties. If you have doubts, it is always best to first test it on the back of your hand before applying to your face just to be sure.

How To Use Numbing Cream?

Overall the numbing effect of the cream will last from one to three hours maximum. It is good to take it into account before dermarolling.

  • Before applying the cream itself, make sure you firstly cleanse your skin thoroughly. Pat your face skin with a soft towel.
  • Since dermarolling procedure is not a painful procedure, it is enough to use a small amount. Numbing effect can also be used for waxing or tattoo procedures as well, which are naturally much more painful procedures than dermarolling.
  • Either wear gloves while applying the cream on your face or wash your hands thoroughly right after. Otherwise you will also have numb hands.
  • Apply only a thin layer of the cream on your face. Do not cover you face with anything.
  • Wait about 15 to 20 minutes at most before the dermarolling procedure. After that wipe the cream off your face. It will prevent it getting into the microchannels of the skin and causing any side effects. Better to be safe than sorry, right? Holding numbing cream on the skin for longer than 30 minutes will not enhance the numbing effect.
  • Then you are all set for dermarolling!

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